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Waiting for reviews... 4 yrs, 5 mths ago.

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4 yrs, 8 mths ago whiz posted...
I am laughin at your sarcastic remark on me page. Have already listened to one of ur tunes. Will listen the others next week and review my fav from em ;)
4 yrs, 8 mths ago Phantasm posted...
Hai ^^
4 yrs, 8 mths ago whiz posted...
Hey Teddy. Wanted to check out ur stuff but my connection got super slow :) Will check it out and review later. Cheers.
4 yrs, 11 mths ago DJWings17 posted...
Hi Teddy :)

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Sex: male
Homepage: click here
Points: 612
City: Brisbane
Country: Australia
Job/Studies: Full time student in High School.

Music Interests:
Fat Boy Slim, Faithless, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Bag Raiders, Deadmau5 (his progressive stuff only) and Faithless

About Me:
I live on the East Coast on Australia, in it's 3rd biggest city, Brisbane (behind Sydney and Melbourne). I go to school, play sports, socialise; the normal things a teenager would do.

What is the main genre of music you produce? Electro, but I have dabbled in drum and bass and slower, ambient mixes.

How long have you been producing? 2 years. Ever learning

Do you enjoy producing music? Of course. Why do something you do not love?

What specifically made you want to produce music? Listening to what other people made with machine I had access to. Also, the surprise on peoples faces when they say 'You made this?!'

How/where do you post your music online? I post it here on IDJ. Exclusively. Shouldn't I get bonuses for that?

Which sequencing platform do you use most? Reason 6

What is your favorite instrument/electronic sound? A driving sound that surges along at the moment, but it depends on my mood. I'm starting to get into Chicago house and some Progressive house as well.

What is your favorite type of electronic music? Anything with feeling and emotion behind it. Fuck commercial...

Who is your favorite electronic artist/musician? I have a general Top 10, with The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Faithless, those sort of artists.

Do you DJ in addition to producing music? Yes.

Do you prefer acoustically or electronically produced sounds? Live instruments have a better sound. They are more flexible and sound more realistic, because they are.

How long does a typical track take you to complete from start to finish? Depends on how many layers I want. 1 week - 3 weeks, on and off.

Which brand of speakers/headphones are you using? Reloop RHP 10 Premium Edition. Decent for $80. Really cool colours as well. I would recommend for studio or bedroom DJ's.

Do you consider yourself good at creating music? No. I think I have a lot of work ahead of me if I want to get where I want to be, but commitments like school and sport are sometimes getting in the way.

Do you consider yourself a successful producer? No. But what does successful mean? It's different to everyone, so that question is subjective...

Do you think you will continue producing music? Until I can no longer hear, or I get a proper job or I lose my love of making music i.e. not for a long time

That is me.

Artists I Sound Like:
jackthedj, sonaris, deadmau5, dj wings, david guetta

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Teddy Lorcan May 14, 2011 2,235 9.38/10 Electro House N/A10 Play Like Add to Playlist

Wonderland (Original Mix)

Teddy Lorcan Nov 11, 2011 381 N/A Drum n Bass N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist

Kimbra - Settle Down (Strut Remix)

Teddy Lorcan Jun 1, 2012 454 N/A Funky House N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist
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Chemical Brothers @ Coachella 2010

TeddyLorcan Jun 29, 2011 301 N/A Ambient N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist
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