Joined Apr 05, 2005 from Finland.

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6 yrs, 9 mths ago emotivetunz posted...
hey man..whats up? I'm still humming your song..hehe, do check my tracks whenever you have time..take care n keep rollin.
6 yrs, 10 mths ago jongier posted...
Hey Saarre come check out the new one, lol it's hard to miss, it's the only one there lmao!
6 yrs, 10 mths ago samrat123 posted...
no problem,thanks for ur time none the less,take care...regards.
6 yrs, 10 mths ago samrat123 posted...
hey man,thanks for writing back the other day ,i'm rather new to music production & i would really appreciate it if u could give my music & listen,thanks again....regards
6 yrs, 11 mths ago samrat123 posted...
hi there, i juss checked out ur track Oro de Laponia", what does it mean & what language is it in,if u can spare the time,please check out my music too,thanks.......regards.
6 yrs, 11 mths ago whiz posted...
Uploaded the remix some time ago :) I am waiting for the votes to begin.
7 yrs ago djdarroo posted...
yo bro I know BArry from Amplified Digital!! lol add me on msn
7 yrs, 2 mths ago colucci63 posted...
whats new for you?
7 yrs, 2 mths ago Euphorbia posted...
Hey dude,nice to meet u.Check out my songs,it's an electro song. .Hope u love it. ^_^
7 yrs, 2 mths ago honeybun posted...
7 yrs, 4 mths ago DJBriody posted...
hey dude. Long time no speak. Check out my latest tune Elysium. (trance) . cheers. mate
7 yrs, 4 mths ago petedecastro posted...
"Female Control" Check it out please:)
7 yrs, 5 mths ago DjFleX posted...
Hey check out my track called Acid Bass Test.. Thanx and maybe a review
7 yrs, 5 mths ago Jony posted...
Hi,Saarre, I've got a new track out: ROCK..I LIKE IT! Would you like to check it out? Thanxxx..Jony

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Sex: male
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Country: Finland

Music Interests:
Tech/Progressive Trance/House

About Me:
bedroom Producer

Most of the advancement in Production skills is because of feedback from IDJ,
Thank you.

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Madonna - Music (JSSīs Intro-bootleg-remix)

Saarre Aug 17, 2007 1,112 7.75/10 Electro House N/A939 Play Like Add to Playlist

Morninglight - Breeze (2008 mix)

Saarre Jan 3, 2008 624 9.5/10 Trance N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist

From North - Fear Not

Saarre Nov 21, 2008 2,070 9.71/10 Trance N/A43 Play Like Add to Playlist

From North - Red Light

Saarre Mar 29, 2009 2,096 9.57/10 Trance N/A12 Play Like Add to Playlist
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