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New track "Bizarre Cocktail Club" uploaded..3 yrs, 2 mths ago.

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7 yrs ago -Eoliveira- posted...
Hey, I just posted a new track and was hoping you could write me a review ! thanks my friend !

7 yrs, 2 mths ago raidon posted...
hey man thanks 4 tha review im trying 2 make me sound origrnl as i can love hous music

7 yrs, 3 mths ago -Eoliveira- posted...
hey bro thanks for ur words man !! keep on line and working !!

7 yrs, 3 mths ago djmasque posted...
Two things! One, thanks for all the reviews, you've almost reviewed all my songs, and two, I accidentally just clicked no, saying that one of your reviews wasn't accurate!!! *insert angry face/sound here* But again, thanks for the reviews!

7 yrs, 4 mths ago TheHolyGoat posted...
Thanks for the review man! Will check out your songs soon..../THG

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Total Profile Views: 36,094

Sex: male
My HomePage: click here
Total Points: 5012
City: M�nster
Country: Germany
Job/Studies: freelancer and freethinker

Music Interests:
I am enjoying listening to all kinds of music from hardcore to classic but as a producer my heart beats for progressive tech house and minimal…

More about me:
Eugen Kempf (aka ProgrammK) born in Nowosibirsk (Russia) on september the 20th 1987...

He began to produce his own Music in 2004 and taught himself along the way to use equipment like synthesizer and sequencer…

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Cover Title Uploaded by Upload Date Listens Avg Rating Genre Current Rank Peak Rank Actions

Dejaegher - Chubby Cake (ProgrammK Remix)

ProgrammK Apr 19, 2009 36,215 9.58/10 Minimal Techno N/A5 Play Like Mix

Without All

ProgrammK Oct 21, 2008 7,868 9.41/10 Progressive Trance N/A39 Play Like Mix

Little Melo

ProgrammK Oct 17, 2010 4,665 9/10 Funky House N/A41 Play Like Mix

Summer Vibe

ProgrammK Jul 11, 2011 2,980 9.5/10 Drum n Bass N/A2 Play Like Mix


ProgrammK Nov 29, 2008 6,161 9.22/10 Progressive House N/A24 Play Like Mix


ProgrammK Aug 30, 2009 3,341 N/A Drum n Bass N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Learn To Trust

ProgrammK Feb 8, 2009 5,904 9.33/10 Progressive House N/A27 Play Like Mix

Pete Decastro - Sonic Funk Orchestra (ProgrammK Short Electro MIx)

ProgrammK Mar 15, 2009 5,194 9.25/10 Electro House N/A49 Play Like Mix


ProgrammK Mar 28, 2009 14,339 9.1/10 Minimal House N/A32 Play Like Mix


ProgrammK May 8, 2009 4,912 9.07/10 Electro House N/A29 Play Like Mix

Seismic Trigger

ProgrammK Jun 11, 2010 5,362 9.5/10 Drum n Bass N/A15 Play Like Mix

Days Are Flying

ProgrammK Aug 17, 2010 2,586 8.5/10 Progressive Trance N/A50 Play Like Mix

Multiple Choice

ProgrammK Oct 27, 2010 3,758 9.29/10 Minimal Techno N/A18 Play Like Mix

Room For Miracles

ProgrammK Nov 23, 2010 2,705 9.25/10 Minimal House 35219 Play Like Mix

Neo Generation

ProgrammK Jan 6, 2011 2,218 9.08/10 Technotrance N/A19 Play Like Mix

TheBearSharkDance Part 2

ProgrammK Feb 10, 2010 2,894 8.5/10 Electro House N/A112 Play Like Mix

DJ Wings - Yorkshire Beeps (ProgrammK's TechnoTrance Beeps Remix)

ProgrammK Jan 10, 2011 1,925 9.5/10 Trance N/A9 Play Like Mix

I Can See The Moon In Your Eyes

ProgrammK Jan 25, 2011 1,924 9.5/10 Ambient Groove 305305 Play Like Mix

Life Is Here And Now

ProgrammK Nov 16, 2011 6,785 8.63/10 Progressive House N/A27 Play Like Mix

Feel The Now

ProgrammK Feb 23, 2011 1,945 9.58/10 Ambient Groove N/A16 Play Like Mix

The Lost Human Tribe

ProgrammK Mar 29, 2011 1,971 9.5/10 Trance N/A20 Play Like Mix

Bizarre Cocktail Club

ProgrammK Jun 25, 2011 2,156 8/10 Tech House N/A245 Play Like Mix
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