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7 yrs, 11 mths ago djskriptt posted...
Always been a big fan.. . Like no other.. Your work defineltly has influenced my progress in production.. I'm sure you know Scrub & I know you know Malicious Mike.. They too are a big influence on my development.. I'm good friends with scrub & we both agree there aint nobody that sounds like pillform.. . Respect Skriptt

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AOL (IM): PillF0Rm
Country: United States
Job/Studies: Electronic Music Producer / Remixer / Web Developer

Music Interests:
Breakbeat. Experimental. Psychedelic. Nuskool. Electro. Progressive. Hardcore. Funky.

More about me:
Having a knack for the nostalgic PillFORM is known for his anthem breakbeat remixes of BT's "Communicate", JJ Fad's "Super Sonic" and countless others. He has become synonymous with the Florida EDM scene as a DJ, Producer and founder of one of the scene's best music resources, FloridaBreaks.org.

With frequent residencies at X-IT Night Club - Ft Lauderdale (Euphoria Project), Fusion Thursdays (Ybor City) and NuskoolBreaks.co.uk internet radio, PillFORM continues to gain respect among Florida's top Djs and Producers. His endless hours of head-shattering original masterpieces and epic remixes is why PillFORM is essential to wearing out the dance floor of any music event.

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PillFORM - PillFORM - Boom (PillFORM Xpressor Mix)

May 21, 2006 2,548 N/A N/A Florida Breaks Play Like Mix

PillFORM - Fresh FL (Juicy Produce)

Oct 31, 2007 2,409 10/10 N/A 339 Florida Breaks Play Like Mix

PillFORM - Kick the Groove

Mar 8, 2009 1,043 9.75/10 N/A 284 Nu Skool Breaks Play Like Mix

PillFORM - 3 AM

Mar 8, 2009 1,210 N/A N/A Nu Skool Breaks Play Like Mix
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