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Sex: male
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City: San Antonio
Country: United States

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i am into all kinds of music... i try to keep an open mind when listening to music and not judge based on genre

About Me:
i have been dj''ing since 1998, had a couple residencies here and there nothing special. now i put all of my time into producing.

My style is mainly breaks in all forms, nu skool, progressive, tribal, even some trancy numbers... i am really starting to love and respect idm music for its utter lack of structure, anything goes in this genre

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LouDiggs Sep 17, 2005 3,424 9.5/10 Progressive Breaks N/A34 Play Like Add to Playlist

Broken Tribes

LouDiggs Sep 17, 2005 2,349 8.75/10 Progressive Breaks N/A70 Play Like Add to Playlist

Rydin Mainlyne

LouDiggs Oct 28, 2005 1,857 9.5/10 Breaks N/A239 Play Like Add to Playlist
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