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7 yrs, 10 mths ago KingCupa posted...
hey man, whats that bass sound in your newest song i know you got soul remix? I'd really love to know!
8 yrs ago Justin_Fry posted...
I use an apple mac g5 with Logic 7. I have a Yamaha O1X for my sound card which is great for recording vocals, guitars etc & also controls logic. The plugins in logic are amazing & i use waves plugins also. Soft synth wise i use the synths in Logic and also vanguard. The best soft synth i have is the z3ta but i can only use it on my pc as its windows only :( Ive just bought a virus ti which is really cool. I record & produce all my tracks in my bedroom :) Jus :)
8 yrs ago piperrox posted...
Also what do you use to produce?
8 yrs ago piperrox posted...
I love your music
8 yrs, 1 mth ago Slinger posted...
Mac eh? I've been looking into investing in a Mac sseing as how my pc is like 8 years old..ya a little out dated!!Danno
8 yrs, 1 mth ago farace posted...

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Country: United Kingdom
Job/Studies: Music Producer & DJ

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All music & beyond

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Hi, my name is Justin Fry. Im a producer & DJ of all styles of music, recently i have been making mainly Dirty Electro House tracks & have just finished a chill out album for a new venue in Manchester called Ithaca. I have had loads of dance records out in different genres ranging from drum & Bass to Garage to Hard House.

My passions are making music, gorgeous girls, mind-bending banter and partying with people who are as mad as I am. :)

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I want your love (strings of life)

Justin Fry Sep 27, 2007 7,950 9.73/10 Electro House N/A22 Play Like Add to Playlist


Justin Fry Sep 27, 2007 2,380 9.63/10 Electro House N/A61 Play Like Add to Playlist


Justin Fry Sep 27, 2007 3,999 10/10 Ambient Trance N/A38 Play Like Add to Playlist

No Matter

Justin Fry Dec 5, 2007 10,619 9.75/10 Funky House N/A3 Play Like Add to Playlist

Maybe Tonight

Justin Fry Dec 7, 2007 25,987 9.78/10 Funky House N/A2 Play Like Add to Playlist


Justin Fry Dec 7, 2007 1,874 9.13/10 Hip-Hop N/A46 Play Like Add to Playlist

Da Urban Outlaws v Eric B & Rakim - I know you got soul (Justin Fry remix)

Justin Fry Mar 31, 2008 1,281 N/A Breaks N/A199 Play Like Add to Playlist
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