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5 years, 3 months ago FelippeSenne posted...
hey man!!! wow, top 100 reviewer, uhn?? :P may u spend a little of yr time and listen/review my new remix of "Just Dance"??? cheers from Brazil!

5 years, 4 months ago Dejaegher posted...
awesome avatar :D

5 years, 9 months ago DjFleX posted...
Hey Please check out and review my latest track, its called Electric Dream Final Version. I would really like a review from an experienced member like you. Thanx FleX

7 years, 1 month ago RoBiN posted...
well i can't wait... it seems you added me on MSN so maybe i'll hit u up to talk a bit further haha... just hoping you stay around here man dropping some new tunes again! ttyl!

7 years, 6 months ago INperCeptiON posted...
I don't know what to say guys... thanks I gues... :) The reason I havent been uploading anything new in a while is couse I'm working on lot's of new material, and it's gonna be sick... cheers ;)

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City: Pancevo
Country: Serbia
Job/Studies: student of telocomunications technology

Music Interests:
All electronic music...specialy house,tech-house and electro. A big fan of JAZZ and ambiental would be suprised how some stuff can push your buttons ;)

More about me:
June, 2007 ...out on Deep Life Records

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INperCeptiON - Lobor D - ex to modus

Uploaded Aug 6, 2005, 2,860 listens, avg rating: 7.86/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 134), Genre: House

INperCeptiON - Lobor D - Meet the Beat

Uploaded Oct 13, 2005, 6,376 listens, avg rating: 8.63/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 28), Genre: Detroit Techno

INperCeptiON - Boy@n-Just the grove_(Lobor D - heart beat remix)

Uploaded Nov 13, 2005, 4,519 listens, avg rating: 8.85/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 15), Genre: House

INperCeptiON - Boy@n-Sun also EXITs ::[Lobor D rmx]::

Uploaded Dec 4, 2005, 9,022 listens, avg rating: 9.29/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 4), Genre: House

INperCeptiON - Lobor D - ~ ~Voice of Spring~ ~

Uploaded Mar 20, 2006, 8,534 listens, avg rating: 9.23/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 2), Genre: House

INperCeptiON - Lobor D - Possessions

Uploaded May 9, 2006, 6,000 listens, avg rating: 7.57/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 132), Genre: Progressive House

INperCeptiON - Lobor D - Ride on

Uploaded Jul 20, 2006, 7,123 listens, avg rating: 9.13/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 5), Genre: House

INperCeptiON - Lobor D - Ma House !!!

Uploaded Sep 16, 2006, 7,193 listens, avg rating: 9.17/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 13), Genre: House

INperCeptiON - Lobor D - Joyride

Uploaded Oct 2, 2010, 623 listens, avg rating: 9.75/10     Rank: #593 (Peak: 66), Genre: Progressive House
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