Joined Mar 09, 2004 from Denmark.

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A mix of Trance/Progressive, updated 46 yrs, 1 mth ago. (1 songs, 0 videos)

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4 yrs, 8 mths ago GERALDWA posted...
5 yrs, 5 mths ago whiz posted...
How are ya bro. Any nu tunes coming our way?
5 yrs, 5 mths ago shanonkewin posted...
quizas me kede corto en mis apreciaciones grandes temas GnAzZ ADELANTE con mas temas subidon total traducirlo bien,
5 yrs, 5 mths ago shanonkewin posted...
thanks you lo mejor ke he oido en los ultimos years un gran trabajo -un fan de spain adelante suerte thanks.,
9 yrs, 4 mths ago Starryson posted...
oh ~ which japanese anime you currently watching ? NARUTO ? or that that that ~ ?
9 yrs, 4 mths ago Starryson posted...
Well i saw your interview and your custome to listen to Jpop , hmm.. I really think that you been influence by Jpop , when I firstly listen to your song , that highly power really goes like Jpop , but I also think Jpop is just pop&dance genre , nothing else , I can feel boring if i listen too much , it is far apart from the main idea of Trance . eh.. But actrally I still like your Evolution and Memories . hehe~
9 yrs, 5 mths ago whiz posted...
Hey man. Been a long time since I heard a nu one from u. I still think u are the melody king in this site. :-D
10 yrs, 1 mth ago Xtatica posted...
OMG - Just Xtatica checkin' in dude I saw your name and recognised it from way back - Its good to see you are still producing though :) - Awesome tracks btw
11 yrs, 1 mth ago nsdltcm posted...
Awesome solid stuff! I think everyone of your tracks here are very enjoyable. Each one is special in its own way. I won't get tired of listening to them over and over again. Keep up the great work! I hope to see more new tracks in the future. Thanks, much!
11 yrs, 1 mth ago bestfemale posted...
I like your "final melody" so much. It s a great tune I have heard firstly in this site. then, I tried to find out bout you! It s much more amazing when knowing you are Vietnamese origin!!!! wow! what can I say!? so surprised!!!!! Can you speak VNese??? i am gonna spread this info to other Vnese dance music forum! it s a great news i have found today! hehehehehe keep going! cheers,
12 yrs, 8 mths ago jowie posted...
i love your music...i'm your fan:D greetz Jowie
12 yrs, 11 mths ago DarkDragon posted...
What Program do you use? Sound Forge?
13 yrs, 1 mth ago rozie_c posted...
13 yrs, 3 mths ago djdiablo posted...
I like Technician! It's so cool!
13 yrs, 5 mths ago AndrewWilkie posted...
I quite like the song "The Night" nice mellody,cant wait for more :-D
13 yrs, 5 mths ago nelo posted...
I just listened to Back for more. Needless to say I am very impressed, for a 16 year old you have quite a bit of talent and I think you could do well. Your sound is slightly dated however, if you deepen it slightly and ease the melody down a couple of octaves I think it could be very good. I can see how you are influenced by Barthez, this is not a bad thing but you should try listening to MFactor, Tim Deluxe or Laylo and Bushwacka thats the type of sound thats selling these days. Keep up the good work I see some good potential in you.
13 yrs, 6 mths ago DJAdrenaline posted...
like the night!!!! can you rate me?????
13 yrs, 7 mths ago Djsaphos posted...
Great song, I can't wait to hear the vocal version!
13 yrs, 7 mths ago Lazz posted...
Hey man, cool-sweet song Forever (Non-Vocal Mix). Like the FX.
13 yrs, 7 mths ago GnAzZ posted...

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Sex: male
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City: yes yes
Country: Denmark
Job/Studies: uhm

About Me:
Name: Sang Thanh Nguyen
Artist name: GnAzZ
Nationality: Vietnamese
Birthday: 1st June 1986,
Birthplace: Denmark, Århus
Occupation: Pupil at a upper-secondary school
Height: 161 cm (5’28”)
Weight: 54 kg
Shoe size: 39 EU
Favourite artist: Special D
Favourite album: Barcode Brothers - Swipe me
Favourite song at the moment: Future Trance United - Face 2 Face (Special D. Edit)
Favourite movie: The Last Samurai
Favourite actress: Will Smith
Hobbies: Music, Tricking (flips), Martial Art, Breakdancing, Skateboarding, Gaming, and FISHING.

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The Night

GnAzZ Aug 3, 2002 9,875 9.57/10 Trance 646120 Play Like Add to Playlist

Back For More (Shortcut Mix)

GnAzZ Sep 5, 2002 7,749 9.08/10 Trance N/A224 Play Like Add to Playlist


GnAzZ Oct 20, 2002 6,516 9/10 Trance N/A16 Play Like Add to Playlist

LifeRunner (Original Mix)

GnAzZ Nov 27, 2002 6,959 8.5/10 Trance N/A198 Play Like Add to Playlist

The Angel Project feat. GnAzZ - Interruption (GnAzZ Mix)

GnAzZ Feb 17, 2003 9,516 10/10 Trance N/A41 Play Like Add to Playlist

It's Like A Dream

GnAzZ Aug 2, 2003 12,498 9.6/10 Trance N/A40 Play Like Add to Playlist

Santz - Desolate Land (GnAzZ Full Remix)

GnAzZ Sep 16, 2003 10,243 9.75/10 Trance N/A86 Play Like Add to Playlist

Style Of Dance (Original Mix)

GnAzZ Sep 19, 2003 17,103 9.43/10 Trance N/A8 Play Like Add to Playlist

Final Melody

GnAzZ Jan 23, 2004 17,228 9.17/10 Trance N/A2 Play Like Add to Playlist

Secret Nightmare (Original mix)

GnAzZ May 24, 2004 7,983 9/10 Trance N/A32 Play Like Add to Playlist
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