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6 yrs ago Jony posted...
Hi,gaak, I've got a new track out: ROCK..I LIKE IT! Would you like to check it out? Thanxxx..Jony

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AOL (IM): ep0ch420
City: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Country: United States
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Music Interests:
Alot of D&B and House, 90's Rock, some Rap. Pretty much anything that makes me want to move.

More about me:
I was first introduced to techno by my sister. then i started going to partys almost every weekend, you could usually find me moving between dance floors. I feel in love with the music and never went back. personally i prefer vinyl to mp3s and cds.

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Album Cover Song Info Upload Date Listens Avg Rating Current Rank Peak Rank Genre Actions

Gaak - Jungle Love

Feb 2, 2008 1,210 N/A N/A 330 Jungle Play Like Mix

Gaak - Trungle

Feb 2, 2008 1,042 8.5/10 N/A 326 Jungle Play Like Mix

Gaak - Fred's Basement

Feb 3, 2008 681 N/A N/A Techno Play Like Mix

Gaak - Life Line

Feb 25, 2008 1,101 N/A N/A 252 Funky House Play Like Mix

Gaak - Lost in Space

Mar 4, 2008 807 9.5/10 N/A 322 Ambient Groove Play Like Mix

Gaak - Fallen Through

Mar 20, 2008 589 N/A N/A Drum n Bass Play Like Mix

Gaak - New Groove

Mar 24, 2008 557 8/10 N/A 324 House Play Like Mix

Gaak - Pipe Dream

Apr 6, 2008 636 8/10 N/A 323 Trance Play Like Mix

Gaak - Slow and Low

Jul 1, 2008 491 N/A N/A Experimental Play Like Mix

Gaak - Banging Beat

Oct 30, 2008 4,905 9.17/10 N/A 68 Drum n Bass Play Like Mix
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