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Music Productions, Graphic Designer, IT Web Designer
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Music Collaborations, Broadcasting Musics, Audio Engineering Courses such as SAE Institute (Sound engineering) and Graphic video editing.
About Me
Stowers was born 05 January 1990, better known by his production name Fennecus Stowers, is a Singaporean producer and graphic designer. Formerly known as Fennecus Stowers, he is now known simply as "Fennecus Stowers", an artist name which is a twist of his childhood nickname. In 2006, he founded the independent productions Fennecus Studios, where he released the Helcyon Sessions and Fennecus Stowers Singles series. FS (Fennecus Stowers) has worked independently extensively since then.

Fennecus Stowers collaborated with Ricky Vern to create Sunrise on Ibiza (2010). His 2008 remix of Alex Ferro "Life" exposed him to more mainstream audiences. In 2010, he released his first singles, Sunlost Paradise, the title track a beach mix of an original track composed by Fennecus Stowers & Ricky Vern, this album single gave him several major hits that launched his independent productions.

Just after releasing his second Fennecus Stowers’s Helcyon Session singles E.P. Sunlost Paradise he performed collaborations at the 2011 SAE Institute (Singapore Campus) - Creative Media Education on Audio sound engineering collaborations event. In June 2011 Fennecus Stowers launched his Helcyon Sessions Cast in Singapore, Fennecus Stowers sessions (FSS) in the Singapore. The E.P. Helcyon Sessions reached to the top 250 chart music underground productions in Singapore while he's going to aim for the top 100 in future and he creates new variety of his own music in many ways.
Artists That Sound Like Me
arnej, first state, tom cloud.
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