Joined Feb 27, 2010 from Germany.

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Sex: male
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Total Points: 165
City: Gelsenkirchen
Country: Germany

Music Interests:
Everything that includes enough harmonies!

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Cover Title Uploaded by Upload Date Listens Avg Rating Genre Current Rank Peak Rank Actions

Februar feelings

Exa-Joule Feb 27, 2010 617 N/A Progressive House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Play the game

Exa-Joule Feb 27, 2010 466 N/A Progressive House N/A503 Play Like Mix

professor electro

Exa-Joule Feb 27, 2010 546 N/A Progressive House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

End of the line

Exa-Joule Feb 28, 2010 669 N/A Progressive House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

march breaker

Exa-Joule Mar 30, 2010 584 N/A Progressive House N/A500 Play Like Mix

Ass kickin shit

Exa-Joule Apr 4, 2010 463 N/A Progressive House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

minimal progressive

Exa-Joule Apr 4, 2010 688 8.5/10 Progressive House N/A130 Play Like Mix

saturday rockz

Exa-Joule May 3, 2010 544 N/A Progressive House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Edge of Dawn - Stage fight(Exa Joule remix)

Exa-Joule May 28, 2010 565 9.5/10 Progressive House N/A252 Play Like Mix

thanks 4 nature one

Exa-Joule Aug 4, 2010 569 N/A Progressive House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

mach fertig

Exa-Joule Aug 31, 2010 2,206 9.25/10 Progressive House N/A173 Play Like Mix

progressive Geige

Exa-Joule Sep 12, 2010 754 9.5/10 Electro House N/A592 Play Like Mix

Was die Leute wollen

Exa-Joule Sep 16, 2010 660 9/10 Minimal House N/A85 Play Like Mix

Exa Joule - anti alles

Exa-Joule Oct 4, 2010 3,131 9.6/10 Progressive House N/A18 Play Like Mix

Exa joule - Thanks 4 Soundtropolis 2010

Exa-Joule Nov 1, 2010 534 9/10 Trance N/A61 Play Like Mix

Frohes neues Schaffel

Exa-Joule Dec 31, 2010 343 9.5/10 Progressive House N/A359 Play Like Mix

Und es fängt an

Exa-Joule Jan 17, 2011 777 9.17/10 House N/A34 Play Like Mix

Kaneval 3.0

Exa-Joule May 14, 2011 2,984 8.9/10 Progressive House N/A5 Play Like Mix

Voll ins Licht rein

Exa-Joule Jun 15, 2011 238 N/A Techno N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Thx 4 Soundtropolis 2011

Exa-Joule Nov 1, 2011 560 9/10 Progressive House N/A28 Play Like Mix
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