Joined Nov 25, 2008 from Indonesia.

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4 yrs, 10 mths ago audiomind posted...
Hi, join Audiomind's fanpage on Facebook and invite all your friends on this fanpage and get Audiomind albums for free :)

5 yrs, 7 mths ago FelippeSenne posted...
hi E! I got a new track, may you review it? here's the link: ! thanksss

5 yrs, 9 mths ago RosyRoze posted...
Thanks for your sweet shout, I am very flattered :-) X

5 yrs, 9 mths ago Rhino-Feet posted...

5 yrs, 9 mths ago Rhino-Feet posted...
mines rhinofe3t add me bro, apparently i have you added...

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Sex: male
Homepage: click here
Points: 433
City: Jogjakarta
Country: Indonesia
Job/Studies: College Boy :D

Music Interests:
Trance,Electro,Techno,Metal,Rock,Pop,So many influences. . .!!

About Me:
I'm from Indonesia, I love music and mathematics :p
I'm a trance producer that used the new electro sound mixed with harmonic melody.

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Euphorbia - Lost Without You (Feat. Uma) Remake

euphorbia May 14, 2009 5,841 9.5/10 Trance N/A7 Play Like Add to Playlist

Euphorbia - Waiting For Something

euphorbia May 22, 2009 2,001 8.75/10 Progressive House N/A37 Play Like Add to Playlist
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