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5 years, 3 months ago FelippeSenne posted...
hey man!!! wow, top 100 reviewer, uhn?? :P may u spend a little of yr time and listen/review my new remix of "Just Dance"??? cheers from Brazil!

5 years, 8 months ago Euphorbia posted...
Thanks for the app dude, check out my song "LIFE".Review them if u like. ^_^

7 years, 4 months ago KellyHoliday posted...
Greetings from Ukraine! :)

7 years, 8 months ago grooki posted...
hey buddy my dubstep (i guess it's dubstep!) is up under downtempo - Terra Firma. I'll check your new track out when i get home. pz

7 years, 8 months ago grooki posted...
hey edykutt, are you still interested in dubstep? made any lately? i'll be posting a sorta dubstep style track in the near future...

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edykutt - who can hit

Uploaded May 15, 2005, 3,538 listens, avg rating: 7.58/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 197), Genre: Dark/Terror/Speed-core

edykutt - junkyard warrior

Uploaded Jun 18, 2005, 3,075 listens, avg rating: 8.38/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 196), Genre: Jungle

edykutt - meanderings

Uploaded Oct 5, 2005, 4,590 listens, avg rating: 9.21/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 43), Genre: Jungle

edykutt - fast-forward

Uploaded Oct 6, 2005, 4,701 listens, avg rating: 8/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 95), Genre: Dark/Terror/Speed-core

edykutt - ultraviolence

Uploaded Nov 25, 2006, 3,029 listens, avg rating: 9.13/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 54), Genre: Breaks

edykutt - Class_Action

Uploaded Apr 25, 2008, 2,058 listens, avg rating: 9.17/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 172), Genre: Nu Skool Breaks
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