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A mix of All different genres, updated 2 yrs, 3 mths ago. (5 songs, 0 videos)

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Done!3 yrs, 2 mths ago.

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6 yrs, 1 mth ago Twaang posted...
hey check out mu stuff and give a rewiev if possible..comes in return of cource

6 yrs, 1 mth ago wavetraxxs posted...
hi,thanks for accept and support.. bless u

6 yrs, 2 mths ago ppb posted...
i just reworked it...it's a correct track now...give a shout and it's in 128 :)

6 yrs, 2 mths ago ppb posted...
if i sell it i just need a paypal adress (www.paypal.com)

6 yrs, 2 mths ago ppb posted...
mastered now and encoded in 128 as you asked siiiir !

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City: Evora
Country: Portugal

About Me:
Beat Assist is a project started by Duarte Vinagre, a 30 year old musician with no public relations in the area unless some sites and some international friends that have been entering and leaving his life through social networks as Facebook, Soundcloud, internetDj.com and other. His House style can be considered poor, falling to Acid and Funk with a lot of minimal influence.
Duarte Vinagre aka Alienoiz is a Psytrance/Full On project that is being built over time. Alienoiz is more experienced on Psy than Beat Assist on House.
Duarte Vinagre is also Xamala, a new born baby on Dub and Jungle music genres. Xamala started in the year of 2014 and tends to progress.
All these three projects are a source of joy for Duarte, being produced with VSTi and Plugins coded by himself through SynthEdit in the last couple of years.
This is not yet a professional work because Duarte does not earns money with it, but is something that can light some good emotions during the track listenning of any of these three projects.
Duarte is trying to build up something higher on his life not considering the possibility of becomming a star in the area. The idea is to learn, produce and be happy with it, so while he cans he will do it.

All thanks to the support!

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