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Sex: male
Homepage: click here
Points: 50
City: Antwerpen
Country: Belgium
Job/Studies: Producer/DJ

Music Interests:
Electro House,Tribal House,Funky House And Prograssive House

About Me:
My Music History;

Just after I started to walk and all the ‘agu bugu’ things as a baby were behind I discovered the world of music and found myself right into it.
In those days my friends were dancing and playing on what they now call pop music. I grew up with that kind of sounds, very commercial like all beginners. Being a dj was always a dream for me, I always cherished it in me and it was something that was always on my mind, something to fulfil. So while everybody around me didn’t even know such thing as a ‘dj’ I was already in love with it..

My first try was in elementary school 5 with a one cassette player! So I think you can imagine how miserable it was.
The years after, for a long long time I listed to music, just listed and took everything into me, every rhythm, every single beat.

And so in 1997 I took of to Marmaris (Turkey) were I started working as a light dj. There I learned how to use all kind of equipment and sets.
A dj from Holland that was also working there at the moment helped me taking my first real steps. For 2 months I worked with him in Havana club Marmaris . There he had some problems, had to leave early so I became a dj earlier then expected.
It were 2 months of hard work but I finally made it as the dj of a good club with big responsibility. Not bad for a beginner that time.

After that experience it kind of flowed all over me, I played in many clubs at different places in Turkey and it was just great. Even so, that in 2001 I decided to go to Germany to see how it was to play in another country. There I stayed for 3 years and played in different city’s all over Germany.

In 2004 I came back to Turkey were I straight went to Bodrum and became there a resident dj of the famed Halikarnas disco.

And so it went on ...

Music equipment that I use;

All kind of dj sets. Pc: Reason, Cubase, FL studio, ex…

I play;

Progressive, Deep House, Trance & Tribal House and electro house

Some places I’ve played at;

Havana Club ----- Marmaris - Turkey
Night Park

Collo Club ----- Samsun - Turkey
Ocean Club

Halikarnas Disco ----- Bodrum - Turkey
Bikini Beach
Alora beach
Club Eros
Votka Planet
Club Escape

Club Emperor----- Kusadasi - Turkey
Otel Adakule

Club w-3 ----- Ichenhousen –Germany

Club Simarik –----Senden – Germany
Melody Mirag

Orange Club ----- Geislingen – Germany

Red Room ----- Göpingen - Germany

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