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12 yrs, 4 mths ago TheManatorE posted...
Yea! First one here! I don't care what anyone says, you're the best musical artist I know of, and yes, I DO think you're better than BT. Have you checked out the Overclocked Remix project at Man..some of these people are gonna rival your sound one day, I know it. Well, cya later man.

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DjLizard Feb 13, 2003 3,161 8/10 Techno N/A91 Play Like Add to Playlist

Classic Trash

DjLizard Feb 13, 2003 5,016 9/10 Techno N/A370 Play Like Add to Playlist


DjLizard Feb 13, 2003 5,127 9.5/10 Techno N/A28 Play Like Add to Playlist


DjLizard Feb 14, 2003 2,569 9.5/10 Techno N/A61 Play Like Add to Playlist


DjLizard Feb 14, 2003 2,612 9/10 Techno N/A371 Play Like Add to Playlist

Better Days

DjLizard Feb 14, 2003 5,821 8.5/10 Techno N/A344 Play Like Add to Playlist

Going Forward

DjLizard Feb 16, 2003 3,813 9.5/10 Techno N/A41 Play Like Add to Playlist

Baldwin Brothers - Dream Girl (DjLizard remix)

DjLizard Feb 17, 2003 7,581 9/10 Techno N/A72 Play Like Add to Playlist


DjLizard Feb 18, 2003 3,319 9.5/10 Techno N/A64 Play Like Add to Playlist


DjLizard Apr 29, 2003 4,020 9/10 Techno N/A57 Play Like Add to Playlist
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