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7 yrs, 9 mths ago djserge posted...
hey brooo nicceee musiccc really banger beats keep tht up bro alright keep it coming

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I am 14 i''ve been a dj for about 3 years now........................uhh more 2 come

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Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Feb 17, 2006 2,665 8/10 Trance N/A124 Play Like Mix

Eternal Dreams

Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Feb 18, 2006 2,651 9.75/10 Trance N/A34 Play Like Mix

Free Yourself

Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Feb 20, 2006 3,847 9.75/10 Progressive Trance N/A35 Play Like Mix

Crystal Wind

Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Feb 21, 2006 3,480 9/10 Hardcore N/A151 Play Like Mix


Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Feb 23, 2006 2,369 10/10 Hard Trance N/A63 Play Like Mix

Rushing Back

Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Mar 1, 2006 2,160 8/10 Trance N/A25 Play Like Mix

The rise and fall of earth

Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Mar 3, 2006 2,170 8.5/10 Trance N/A136 Play Like Mix

Near to blindness

Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Mar 25, 2006 2,339 8.5/10 Trance N/A96 Play Like Mix

Never Stop

Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Apr 15, 2006 1,974 8.25/10 Trance N/A393 Play Like Mix


Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Apr 15, 2006 2,603 9/10 Uplifting Trance N/A140 Play Like Mix

Motorcycle-As The Rush Comes(Rmx)

Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Jul 27, 2006 1,881 9.33/10 Trance N/A299 Play Like Mix

Braveheart (Dream remix)

Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Aug 4, 2006 2,464 9.5/10 Trance N/A383 Play Like Mix

Ode to the lonely

Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Aug 7, 2006 1,905 10/10 Classical N/A381 Play Like Mix

Escape From My Life

Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Aug 30, 2006 2,242 N/A Trance N/AN/A Play Like Mix

No2 Movement

Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Nov 23, 2006 2,673 9.63/10 Trance N/A16 Play Like Mix


Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Dec 20, 2006 7,712 8.5/10 Hard Trance N/A45 Play Like Mix

This Moment

Vipassana(Dj Dark Anubis) Jan 15, 2007 3,739 9.75/10 Minimalist Trance N/A194 Play Like Mix
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