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City: Houston, Texas
Country: United States
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About Me:
There are deejays and then there is Cyclone.rnrnInnovative, exciting and definitely state of the art, when DJ Cyclone turns up to play for your event, as the saying goes: it’s all over!rnrnIn just five years this crowd-pleaser has carved his space among more experienced top DJs with his creative mixing and unusually diverse repertoire of music ranging from the hottest new tracks to golden classics, many of which are understandably older than his generation.rnrnApart from the music, DJ Cyclone is the consummate professional. He’s reliable, confident and unassuming, all desirable qualities which are hard to find in his profession and his generation.rnrnNot surprisingly, he’s fast becoming the resident DJ for top night clubs such as Sugar Ultra Lounge every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.rnrnHe’s also requested over and over for many other gigs around the country because his popularity has reached fan club status and he can draw the crowds.rnrnMake no mistake: When DJ Cyclone is in the House, there is TOTAL DESTRUCTION!

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DJ Cyclone - Total Destruction E.D.M Mix

DJ Cyclone Jan 15, 2012 284 N/A Electro House N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist

Anarchy Vol.1 (mixed by DJ Cyclone)

DJ Cyclone Mar 10, 2012 208 N/A Dubstep N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist

Breathless Vol.1 (mixed by DJ Cyclone)

DJ Cyclone Jul 2, 2012 793 N/A Electro House N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist
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