Joined May 27, 2004 from Ireland.

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4 yrs, 11 mths ago fash posted...
hey bro,need a rev on my latest track Hardcore On The Dancefloor,apprieciated mate ;-) FASH

5 yrs, 4 mths ago FelippeSenne posted...
hi man!!! I've uploaded my newest remix! I'll be very glad if u can spend some time to review it! thanks for ur time! cheers from Brazil! ;)

5 yrs, 7 mths ago cOmaRecOrdz posted...
BLESS BREDREN,I put up a gang of new trackz,most of dem off my new album "aNTZ mARCHING"....tell me what u think and spread the WORD!!!! oNe,SS

6 yrs, 4 mths ago Dj_trance posted...
Ok... thnx yo!!!! ijust put a short Sng on i still wundering what els to put on he he he ^_^... so how is ur DJ life goin on???

6 yrs, 4 mths ago Dj_trance posted...
YO!!! im DJ TRance!!! im New At this hope we keep in touch!!!

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Sex: male
Total Points: 1997
City: Cork
Country: Ireland
Job/Studies: Masters Degree in Business Information Systems

Music Interests:
Currently listing to UNKLE, DJ Shadow, trying to take inspiration from some Psy-trance tracks as well! Produce mostly ambient and downtempo, but I try not to be limited to these genres.

More about me:
I'm 22. Been djing for about 7 years and producing for 6. Trying to get back into producing after too long an absence!

Pm me, or email me at

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DJ Siberski - Feher

Aug 30, 2004 1,716 8.33/10 N/A 154 Other Play Like Mix

DJ Siberski - San Marino '94 (Argento Vivo remix)

Nov 2, 2004 1,932 8.83/10 N/A 125 Trance Play Like Mix

DJ Siberski - Siberskiology

Nov 18, 2004 2,152 8.21/10 N/A 45 Downtempo Play Like Mix

DJ Siberski - The Forgotten and Lost (A.V. new edit)

Apr 22, 2005 1,769 8.92/10 N/A 120 Downtempo Play Like Mix

DJ Siberski - Argento Vivo

Jul 30, 2005 1,494 9.13/10 N/A 123 Downtempo Play Like Mix

DJ Siberski - Ill Fated Strangeness

Oct 30, 2005 2,219 9.73/10 N/A 103 Ambient Play Like Mix

DJ Siberski - Apollo

Jul 22, 2006 2,028 8/10 N/A 201 Ambient Play Like Mix

DJ Siberski - Sinister

Nov 11, 2006 3,653 9.38/10 N/A 26 Ambient Play Like Mix

DJ Siberski - The Struggle With Conviction

Aug 18, 2009 578 8/10 N/A Ambient Play Like Mix
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