Joined Apr 26, 2006 from United States.

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Trying to get back to Orlando. I miss you OTown. 2 yrs, 4 mths ago.

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City: Tampa, Orlando
Country: United States

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Just a black grain of sand on a white windy beach...

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Cover Title Uploaded by Upload Date Listens Avg Rating Genre Current Rank Peak Rank Actions

Black Hole Earth

Po5eidon Apr 30, 2006 2,023 10/10 Progressive Trance N/A978 Play Like Mix

Summer Night

Po5eidon Apr 30, 2006 2,459 9/10 Florida Breaks N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Aphrodite Rising

Po5eidon May 9, 2006 2,091 7/10 Technotrance N/A1200 Play Like Mix

Mermaid Love

Po5eidon May 10, 2006 2,059 7/10 Ambient Groove N/A853 Play Like Mix

Baptism Bluff

Po5eidon Aug 21, 2007 1,692 8.5/10 Epic Trance N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Holy Water

Po5eidon Aug 29, 2007 1,421 8.5/10 Technotrance N/A1124 Play Like Mix

Klub Kraken

Po5eidon Aug 30, 2007 1,545 7.75/10 Tech House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Le Sirene Cantano Alla Mezzanotte

Po5eidon Sep 6, 2007 1,811 9/10 Trance N/A56 Play Like Mix

Man-O-War (Terror of the Deep)

Po5eidon Sep 19, 2007 1,483 N/A Dark/Terror/Speed-core N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Let Me Hold Your Heart

Po5eidon Apr 5, 2010 652 7/10 Technotrance N/A115 Play Like Mix

They Killed My Partner

Po5eidon Nov 21, 2010 325 N/A Ambient Groove N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Headphones in Church

Po5eidon Dec 18, 2010 435 N/A Ambient Groove N/A453 Play Like Mix

Electric Shark

Po5eidon Feb 8, 2011 275 6/10 Electronica N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Salty Nights and City Lights

Po5eidon May 27, 2011 226 N/A Florida Breaks N/A539 Play Like Mix

Dirty Starshine

Po5eidon Dec 18, 2011 461 8/10 Electro House N/A144 Play Like Mix

Love Letter

Po5eidon Apr 20, 2012 146 N/A Symphonic Electronica N/AN/A Play Like Mix


Po5eidon Oct 6, 2012 670 7.5/10 House N/A43 Play Like Mix

Stranger Danger (Blood in the Water)

Po5eidon Dec 16, 2012 1,741 7.5/10 Hard House 19951 Play Like Mix
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