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5 years, 1 month ago Mason posted...
sup buddy :]

5 years, 2 months ago osh posted...
Hi Mate..I hope ur fine :) I would be really glad if you woud take 5 minutes and review my latest track "Girls want", it's number 2 on IDJ top40. Thx alot and have a nice time, Peace Osh feat. Rosa

5 years, 4 months ago FelippeSenne posted...
hey Alexxx!!! I've uploaded my new remix, it's of the pop hit Just Dance from Lady GaGa! I will be very glad if u can spend some time to review it! thanks for u time! cheers from Brazil!! keep rockin!!

5 years, 5 months ago RoBiN posted...
wow, great... let's hope it's really gonna happen ^^ btw, Soulforgek2 was asking for a remix he could do for my new track Big Blue... can you let me and him know what the rules are because actually he needs permission to do so because of the label right? yo

5 years, 5 months ago RoBiN posted...
yo, how ya doing man? any news on the label stuff?

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ALEX BIAGI - Vicodin - (Original Mix)

Uploaded Jun 29, 2009, 12,448 listens, avg rating: 9.88/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 5), Genre: Tech House
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ALEX BIAGI - Dreams of Rain

Uploaded Mar 15, 2010, 10,345 listens, avg rating: 9.21/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 4), Genre: Progressive House
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ALEX BIAGI - Summer Chillin - Original Mix

Uploaded Jun 14, 2010, 5,512 listens, avg rating: 9.38/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 11), Genre: Progressive House
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ALEX BIAGI - Valium (Original Mix)

Uploaded Jun 27, 2011, 691 listens, avg rating: 8.83/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 34), Genre: Tech House
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ALEX BIAGI - Not Exactly (Alex Biagi Remix)

Uploaded Jul 22, 2011, 3,546 listens, avg rating: 9.83/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 7), Genre: Progressive House
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ALEX BIAGI - Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford - Sun & Moon (Alex Biagi Remix)

Uploaded Sep 2, 2011, 1,099 listens, avg rating: 10/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 44), Genre: Progressive House
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