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Insatiable: The House

Insatiable Feb 9, 2012 130 N/A House Play Like Mix
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Uploaded a House set httpwww.internetdj.commix921052 yrs, 6 mths ago.

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1 yr, 3 mths ago michael posted...
Just made you artist of the week again.. check the homepage.. that song you uploaded today was freaking awesome.

2 yrs, 11 mths ago GtheG posted...
Artist of the week! HIP HIP...HORRAY. HIP HIP...HORRAY!

2 yrs, 11 mths ago michael posted...
artist of the week! thanks for sharing your music: http://www.internetdj.com/artists.php?op=aotw

3 yrs, 10 mths ago vandenenden posted...
Hey, thanks for the review!

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Injectro (Original Mix)

Insatiable Aug 15, 2014 4,684 N/A Electro House N/AN/A Play Like Mix


Insatiable Aug 6, 2014 2,171 N/A Drum n Bass N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Ample Audio

Insatiable Jul 16, 2014 8,994 9.5/10 Progressive House 324 Play Like Mix

the Swing of Things

Insatiable Jun 24, 2013 7,177 7.67/10 Drum n Bass 16712 Play Like Mix

Space Cadet

Insatiable Dec 3, 2012 5,918 9.17/10 Electro House N/A19 Play Like Mix

Insatiable Presents - Fungle Junk - Track 1

Insatiable Mar 23, 2013 11,432 8.67/10 Experimental N/A9 Play Like Mix

POTO- (An Insatiable Halloween Anthem)

Insatiable Oct 15, 2012 21,124 9/10 Electro House N/A2 Play Like Mix

Power Surge

Insatiable May 27, 2013 7,671 8.5/10 Drum n Bass N/A7 Play Like Mix

Killa Fire

Insatiable Aug 31, 2011 10,174 9.32/10 Drum n Bass N/A1 Play Like Mix

Down to Brass Tacks

Insatiable Jun 18, 2012 8,175 10/10 Funky House 2217 Play Like Mix

Grimey 2.0

Insatiable Nov 28, 2011 6,219 9.38/10 Drum n Bass N/A1 Play Like Mix

Take the Bait

Insatiable Oct 17, 2011 8,772 8.85/10 Tech House N/A1 Play Like Mix

Freaky Girls

Insatiable Jan 8, 2012 9,423 9.14/10 Electro House N/A1 Play Like Mix
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