DJ Mysterious House Music (Original Tracks) (Original Hotmix)

House | uploaded 4 yrs, 10 mths ago | from United States
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N/A | 2,106 | 9/10

DJ Mysterious, House Muzic, (Original Tracks)(Original Hotmix), House Music At The Peak Of Creativity And Origihality! House Music Till I Die!! history: DJ Mysterious Is from Nuclear City United States, after the nuclear war, Dj Mysterious took over the underground nation music scene, with his original house music tracks mixed in with his original Dj hotmixes their is no other, he was born and raised in the big city that was destroyed by the nuclear blast, Dj Mysterious was lucky to be alive, the blast disfigured his face not to mention his lungs from all the chemicals he inhaled, that's why he wears the gas mask, it's basically keeping him alive from particles entering his lungs, Dj Mysterious's heart has to be in constent rhythm with the bass drum in house music, if not! his heart will slow down and stop beating, that's why he's always up to date with his house music creations when he's not getting his doctor's prescribe house music medicine off the internet for his hotmixes.

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