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This track is very important for me....for years I produce electronic music because it's my passion,I start with electro house and the way I learned different genres and now again with this track also electro house,Always striving for achieving first place in the ranking, but one day I was very close to losing his life in a parachute jump....and leave a lot to do in this world, besides my family who are my love, my other love is music and produce my radio program FM in my country. I was rescued almost a month after the accident .... recover after I returned to produce this track and so the name of it also (BACK FROM THE DEATH) I want to thank the people of IDJ as E Oliveira and Kool Roski (JACK the Dj) because I knew the track that I work in my mind when everyone thought was dead..even for a moment I thought I would die, but I'm back here and very grateful for your sincere words to those who also wrote in the forum of the web ... So this track the work with much energy and spirit that I wish to return and begin to resume my journey and achieve my purpose Thanks.. Oliveira, Jack The Dj for your words and thanks Xtatica Zero, DuarteV, The Judge, Sonaris, Dj Wins and Baloo Kazoo .. Please listen to it thanks...this track is dedicated to all you guys friends

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