lody gaga alejondro

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Garage uploaded 4 years ago from Poland

I hate that cameleon wench, she changes and changes only her music never do and I have to listen to her on the only channel I got. Here's the text that this angry Polishman ( as we often call ourselves ) came up with; I'm so in hate wi' her, I'll stalk 'er till the end of days. She may be lay but she no dy, she kilt her boyfriend dead. Hey detective, go find her, pop star, you go fetch. Who she knows blows, you find out, gaga, that's her name. I'm so in hate with her, will stalk her from crack dawn till dusk. She may be pop but she no hip, I'd love to tear that mask. She is plastic, tranformer, new face every day. Still can smell'em pop mongers, their stance; sweet pop play. Who they know blow, you find out , duschbags, cool pop plays. I'm so in hate wi' her .... Hey detective you find her.... .

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