Evolution (Version 3)

Uplifting Trance | uploaded 7 yrs, 3 mths ago | from United States
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N/A | 5,334 | 9.4/10

Version 3 (3/1/09): I guess its good no one came back to review version 2, and no one new came back. Version 3 has almost all the elements I can think of. The song has 3 builds, the first into a classic trance melodic break, which builds into a trance beat which builds again into another more powerful section. I didn't get rid of the gated pad (detuned saw sound), but rather incorporated it as part of a secondary melody. So it has become more of a subtle add on. Song is longer now. Little less use of the multiband compressor and more use of individual mastering of channels, because there are a lot of sounds. Also, one might go as far as to call it Uplifting electrobreak trance. Hows that for a genre? Anyway, hope you see improvement.

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