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Nocturnal Goa by HAKUMA
(no ratings)
i dodnt understand what you say,but it s mistake...this song is G.M.S.
reviewed on: 2007-08-12 03:24:19

Nocturnal Goa by HAKUMA
(no ratings)
and if i make a big mistake,forgive man.
reviewed on: 2007-08-11 08:02:06

(response from artist) Friend mine this is a disc sample like thorn in the nights of Bs.As. Friend also checks this mio. You will find a subject of Gizmodj(Progresive Look) That it benefits

Nocturnal Goa by HAKUMA
(no ratings)
ok man,shame.i thought you had make a remix when i first listened to it,but then i read gismo's review and understood that members think that this track is yours.i don t know what you ve done here,but this is a have used sounds and melodies from other tracks.this is annoying.this is definately not yours.and i wonder how did they approve it.if i can i ll upload the originals songs for the members to see.
reviewed on: 2007-08-11 07:53:53

Zebra by Master Bate
Hey dj,nice intro,nice bassline,synth and melody.good song progress.good mastering.keep on the good work.Dj Tsias
reviewed on: 2007-08-08 06:34:21

Simone by Ease Landic
very good trck dj.great bassline,nice percss,excellent build up,i like the your nearly touched perfection with this work man.bravo.
reviewed on: 2007-08-07 08:51:47

(response from artist) Thanks, appreciate your comment man!

Jungle Fever by Neuromatic
i m not an expert in drum & bass my friend,but i can say this is an amazing track.beautiful bass line,nice cut,lovely soft backround,i loved the piano in the ending.bravo.
reviewed on: 2007-08-06 17:51:54

you make me feel by Hot Shit! (Eoliveira)
this is a great work of u as usual.i want to say man,that 1:42-1:44 IS AMAZING.nice bassline,nice piano.i like flanger 1;31-1;42, and your percs are good.waiting for your new release.:)
reviewed on: 2007-08-05 17:03:53

(response from artist) thanks a lot man , I going to start my new release today ! keep on line and keep on producing good music !

-Eoliveira- The club ( remix ? ) by Hot Shit! (Eoliveira)
(no ratings)
very nice song.great intro.i like the perccs ,lovely cymbals suit absolytely.good bass. i didnt like the reverse crash.Dj Tsias
reviewed on: 2007-08-03 05:26:33

(response from artist) thanks man , glad you like it !

Electro-Thrive by DJ Teknine (TEK9)
(no ratings)
thats the trance stile i like.perfect techic.i like very much the DnB introduction to the melody until 2:50.beter track than "en-trance..."in my i said i d like beter if you change the second part of melody or add something,i dnt know...keep your skills up man.Dj Tsias
reviewed on: 2007-08-01 16:32:57

(response from artist) Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it! I'll think of something to add next time! Cheers!

Unwertung by Dj_REL
(no ratings)
good track my friend.simple i could say.i dont really like the kick and your ending could be mach better .if you work on it some more,there will be a fine result.sometimes it remind me EL GEKO'S ''DRACUL''.(no criticism,just opinion).Dj Tsias
reviewed on: 2007-08-01 15:50:30

(response from artist) Its alright thx for the reviews.

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