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Get The Fuck Outta My House (1st Edit) by SeanG
(no ratings)
The ADSR envelop on the bassline is causing pops on the speaker, ie, there isn't enough attack or release. Everything is out of least for my 8x1 monittors. The pro's: the track is pretty good. Nothing revolutionary, but if you threw this into your DJ set, I don't think anyone would think your silly. Although, the breakdown is kind of silly...would sound better with an audio clip over it... like...sooner... The organ doesn't have enough bite. Prolly could use some higher harmonics or a duplicate line an octave up.
reviewed on: 2010-11-29 12:05:41

Remembering by Mason
Awesome mix. Awesome feel. Thanks for sharing!
reviewed on: 2010-02-09 19:40:25

(response from artist) thanks bro im looking forward to some of your future projects its been awhile.

Save the world(KRISTAL Vocal Edit)-Master dj by Master dj
(no ratings)
Cool. I'm kind of sad that the bass doesn't hit as hard as the BASSdrum--but the over all mastering is good. I keep noticing this with reviews today--but a lot people, including you, are losing a lot of frequency space with their reverb. Clean that up--bring the synth forward a little bit and instead of drowing the synth in reverb delay 3-15 ms and that will add some space to it as well. Thanks for sharing; this has a nice old school/uplifting feel!
reviewed on: 2009-11-16 15:36:00

(response from artist) Thanks for your review

Pressure Cooker (Vocal Edit) by The 1ne Hand Band
(no ratings)
The reverb is eating up too much of your frequency space.... But that vocal is pretty funkin trippy--I LOVE IT. Great feel to the track; thanks for sharing!
reviewed on: 2009-11-16 15:30:41

into the exosphere by A/C
(no ratings)
Definitely makes me want to tap my feet--but each element of this track is kind of in its own world. For whatever reason they don't sit with each other well and the saw feels a little weak on the bottom end. Great work! Thanks for sharing :)
reviewed on: 2009-11-16 15:28:03

On the Edge of Rising Up by DenSity FuZion
(no ratings)
That certainly was peaceful :) Thanks for sharing! BTW--does it seem a little quiet to you?
reviewed on: 2009-11-16 15:24:33

(response from artist) nice simple review tehehe

PWO by cassandra's myth
(no ratings)
Your abilities as an audio engineer are terrible. Your ability to construct a song are pretty amazing. I'd sign something like this. I can hear a lot of greatness in this song--and I can also imagine how to make it a show stopping tune--which is all you need for an AR rep (not that I'd know :P) Keep at it!!!! This was ALMOST an awesome psych acid jazz Junior Boys sorta thing...ALMOST...Great stuff!!!
reviewed on: 2009-11-16 14:10:28

(response from artist) Thank you friend for taking the time to feed back, and for your encouragement!

Shranzzzzzzz by TaylorXxX
(no ratings)
Synth sounds like a really poorly programed Subtraktor Synth from reason. Everything else sounds groovy...Though I would like to hear some more elements/fiddlefaddling in your loops... Thanks for the listen!
reviewed on: 2009-11-16 14:02:49

(response from artist) ohhh .. fiddlefadding hmmm i'll try

Slam the door by Twaang
(no ratings)
Your sync is off; the mid-level is extremely crowded and over active, which may mean that your elements are too center-panned. Cool vocal, but nothing is synced up right and it kind of feels like an acid headache Fix it man--this could be a great uplifting tune
reviewed on: 2009-11-16 13:38:49

(response from artist) thanks great,,just the feedback i needed

Get Up by Nastyfunker
(no ratings)
At first I thought it was going to be generic--but you did throw some unique phrases in there... Mastering was great--except it was @ something like -6db!! Turn the volume up holmz. Add gain and put a fast peak limiter on there (-1DB Threshhold, 30:1 ratio, 0 Gain)<- something like that. Good luck!
reviewed on: 2009-11-16 12:13:21

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