Song Review Date Posted
Michael2 - Hardwell feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Echo
(no ratings)
just beautiful but i felt a bit weird with the video story :-| i felt not a ease !
2015-04-29 22:52:03
atlanteanpunch - Dj sunammo - quantum distortion
(no ratings)
techno is not my cup of tea but your track takes sense in this genre...good ideas there....need more patches your sound is a bit too raw...well we have an artist there :-) I would have enjoy that you post the entire song...i see this is cutted before the end ! Give us the best tracks you can ! peace ^_^
2015-04-15 21:02:57
Morodo - Divina Ciencia
(no ratings)
cool dude i can't sing like this..your track is nice but maybe the singer volume track is mixed too high...maybe it's me with my headphones....i really like your track around 2:40 and to the end...need more work before this in my opinion.
2015-04-15 20:50:12
Polymorph - Rebreather 2
(no ratings)
i didn't realized but your artist band match well with the change of aspect/feeling a fine way while the song progress !
2015-04-14 18:51:54
Polymorph - Rebreather 2
(no ratings)
i don't understand the lyrics i'm french...but the vocals fit well in the mix...I love the sophestication of your track...a bit electronica, break, experimental....i saw you offer a free download for this one...i will take it ^_^ ... your song is very pleasant to my ears !
response from artist Thank you! :)
2015-04-14 18:49:53
Cientif - Plenitude
(no ratings)
you could make it with more variation...not so bad but repeatitive.
response from artist Thanks for your comment.. Yes I could make with more variation.. I starded to develop those songs last year I don\'t have much ability ^^ ..But I will try make less repetitive songs.. again I thank the comment
2015-04-13 17:50:57
Roddy Reynaert - Yssim (Album Mix)
(no ratings)
punchy ! not a fan of house but this is well done, really progressive ! you got the magic touch ! :-)
2015-04-13 17:44:00
Michel Westerhoff - Digital Drop (For download link see comments)
(no ratings)
i like this ! strong dynamics with good mélodies...hell ! your synths are screaming ! very good music there !
2015-04-09 23:29:29
UFO Lights - Timeless
(no ratings)
very mystic piece of music...would fit to a dark movie (this is just my feeling and maybe people will disagree but i don't care)...very sad too !...just send me in another dimension...i didn't really liked your track the first minute but once your work finished to be "introduced" in my mind then i feel a strange feeling ! I think you have talent.
response from artist thanks man, means a lot, there are a few changes to the track id like to make including the intro, i would like to use some of this in a trance song. thanks for the review
2015-04-04 16:36:58
Anka Gonsalves - 31.08
(no ratings)
i was looking at the window and forgot your track was playing...i had a peaceful and zen feeling...your track made me feel very positive energy and special and original work there !
2015-04-04 16:30:24