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not s obad but maybe you could have build some parts with a pad ? Everything else is nice and singer gave nice shouts ! This song is cool ! :-)
2015-05-25 12:07:03
atlanteanpunch - sun disc- tunnel pods
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sorry i wanted to say : I admit that from 3:20 to the end it sounds really good. (not 4:20)
2015-05-24 07:11:12
atlanteanpunch - sun disc- tunnel pods
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I don't like the intro. The beat n bass are nice and typical of goa music. I think you should filter your sample of kind of crash thing. I'm around 2:20 and it didn't really progressed. I think you are able to make something nice but you've been lasy with this one even if i admit that from 4:20 to the end it sounds really good...and there no outro
2015-05-24 07:09:46
infinigy - Primitive Super Future_Original Rave Mix
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patches and dynamics are really nice but your track is very repeatitive, you should try to put a melody on this bass...but anyway i could listen this track in a rave !
2015-05-15 03:11:40
23rd Century Tech - 23rd Century Tech - Suicide Silence Metalstep REMIX (Slaves To Substance)
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i'm not a fan of this kind of music but you made something solid...totally crazy but i'm sure it have a meaning for people who like this hard kind of dubstep !
response from artist Thanks man! Yeah I think its more suitable for metal fans for sure haha!
2015-05-15 01:57:48
23rd Century Tech - DJ Snake, Lil Jon - Turn Down for What REMIX! (Electro House)
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Hard energy in your track...not my style but it's well done from A to Z...congrats !
response from artist Thank you!
2015-05-14 00:45:52
Thiago Fz. - One Stopp
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sounds good but maybe you can work more on the song structure even if you keep the same elements !
response from artist Obrigado pela dica
2015-05-13 23:21:12
SOFAMUSIC - Nika Dostur & Dj Party-Zan - Lost (Syntheticsax,Ural DJs Remix)
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I like this track...original and well critic there...everything is in place and make a good track...i think that you have a nice future !
response from artist Thank you very much.We will try!!!
2015-05-13 22:48:23
Dj Baassbooster - Hatred
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i think this track could be nice for a rave ! first time i review a "Schranz" song genre...something hard ! it's 9:29 am in France and your track make me awake ! interesting stuff, i don't know how to make something like this...the only thing i didn't enjoyed with your song is the stops too brutally/fast in my opinion !
2015-05-11 07:31:33
Cocoared - Dem No Worry Me - GDulla Mix 6
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i'm not a fan of such songs but it's well produced and original !
2015-05-10 03:34:50