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Particle-X - New World Order
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i don't like the intro, the kind of piano/bell decay is too strong maybe ??? Very good rythmics there ! sfx are nice too...another track where i can recognise your touch...i see you are a bit better than in the past (i wasn't on idj these last times) are getting better but your melodies aren't really going stays on some ambient loops that are a bit static and don't give the song the charm of what is made the best song i can listen...a logic in melody that make the track flow and get fruity...i think you must make a choice : make ambient trance or psytrance...You are good making nice instruments and patch but you don't build elements that are fitting well could also try a real chorus in your song...your track is something i would like to listen for the ambience but not really like an active and standard psytrance song...I hope you don't have bad feeling reading my review but you are still making the same songs that before...however this one is better than in the should listen a lot to melodic based psytrance like "Astral Projection" , "Man With No Name" , "Electric Universe" , Juno Reactor" ... and then analyse it with another kind of listen that for enjoyment...listen how they do to to make the melody be enjoyed with the others instruments giving a basis for it ! Ok i know it's easy for me telling all this but i don't pretend to make better music than you...Have a good time dude !!!
response from artist Thanks for the story you wrote on this track. Good to hear you are still around. Interesting remarks you make. I have to say that some i agree on on others i don\'t. I agree on the way the elements wear put together in this track isn\'t the best way. I had a hard time figuring out how to get them together. and the results could have been better. The sound i make is a mix of things. It got some ambient things ans some psytrance things in there. I like it to mix it the way i do, no offence on your criticism. I think it\'s more a matter of taste. I don\'t try to copy the sound of known artists and just follow my own path with the hope that some people also enjoy my sound the way i do. So it\'s just that one track works better then another. So i keep trying to get a sound i really like and that entertains others. But you got a point, listen and learn is a good way to improve. so i will keep that in mind. Thanks for your comments allways apreciate your thoughts.
2015-02-20 04:30:39
Technorebellion - Full Moon (2015 Remaster)
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not so bad but you master it with a bit messy feeling...i like the rythmics but the gated instrument is not really interesting as there isn't a real must do something more solid about the have decent rythmics but you must find some melodic stuff that sit on better on your song !
2015-02-20 04:13:18
Psydestep - Distant Future
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Nice pumping beat but give a repeatitive feeling...especially because its volume level is high...classic goa in my opinion...remember me a lot of oldschool goa in this got a good touch to make this kind of music...not really the kind of psy music i use to listen because it's too hard and percussive for me, but i have to admit this is not a bad song for people who enjoy this kind of goa tracks ! It's a an old format of goa style but still efficient for rave party or something like this. :-)
2014-12-04 18:56:22
DJ Ostenvegr - ALL ABOARD !!!
(no ratings)
nice bass...your track is fun and deep, i love the TB too...a bit confuse sometimes...maybe freqs clash or i don't know what...i like your track especially cause it have this "old" style in psy/goa...i see you choosed to set the melodic instrument over the bass n beat...i often do this with my music, not a bad song...good idea you had to put some vocals in your project.
2014-11-29 07:04:53
Particle-X - Archangel
(no ratings)
excellent intro ! blow the mind just after it...interesting track but same things to say for all your tracks and you have it written in my previous reviews...composition and ideas are very good but you need another "enginering" deal...try it a bit more hard and punchy and you would have something really great ! peace !
2014-11-21 04:51:57
Particle-X - Day & Night
(no ratings)
good beat n bass, very athmospheric like 90% of your stuff...track is good but for the style n genre you have there but it need a bit more punchy instruments...look like you have something that is psychedelic but produced with ambient trance instruments need more basic instruments and a more "screaming" need more naughty hard touch for this one ! have a nice day, i wish you to have success with your music !!! :)
response from artist Thanks for your respons. I will keep it in mind but i have my preferences for certain type of sounds so that is maybe why the more ambient sounds are prominent in my tracks. But thanks for your advice.
2014-11-21 04:47:20
Particle-X - Take whats mine
(no ratings)
hey dude ! we both didn't changed our style ^^ i can't listen loud enough cause it's night when i write this to you...excellent pads, not sure the vocals you used are really good for this track...need a feeling more "singed"...overall this is not so bad but you should work it again ! still have a confuse feeling sometime and i think you made some better tracks before this one...need more work...that's all, and that's what i should say to everybody perhaps...peace dude...i leave no rate as usual but i think my review make you gain points for the charts...have a nice time dude !!!
2014-11-21 00:04:29
Sonaris - Sonaris - Destiny (Original Mix)
(no ratings)
Nice and tight beat in the intro...progression with a snare is cool but a bit too long...good job with the lead and plucked have a melody ! the arp is not your best instrument in my opinion...globally this is a nice song...i think i would have downloaded it if a free download...need an outro i don't like the way it stop !!! with minors changes you have something really nice there ! kind of juicy melodic groove i love !!! x)
response from artist Thanks man!
2014-08-01 18:07:04
Particle-X - Purple Horse IN-D Sky
(no ratings)
everybody get a vibe in his's what you'll do of it that makes the music.
response from artist You are right! Keep them coming.
2014-07-28 16:23:21
Particle-X - Purple Horse IN-D Sky
(no ratings)
strange intro but it works ! you are approaching the concept i always told you to reach with your stuff, but sorry to be so egoist maybe i shouldn't do this but it's easy to give 10/10 and a fruitless review...still a bit ambient and sophesticate...around 3:00 great rise of melody like astral projection ! Excellent dude but you should keep on develloping this riff instead going "off" well i give criticism to you but i know i won't review some people cause they are not serious with their art...
response from artist sorry i had a review on my own song but waned to react on yours.
2014-07-27 16:42:39