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Particle-X - State of Mind
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Deep and awesome intro ! transition after it is a bit to harsch. Your track make me think to a lot of goa i heard in the past and you use really the same instruments. Your pads/athmosphere synths are awesome ! Everything there is cool but the song structure and transitions.
response from artist Thanks man. I know there are some issues here and there to be worked on. Thanks for your remarks and review.
2015-10-08 08:56:13
Michele Lagioia - Supreme
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beautiful music ! this is something for relaxation and meditation ! (or there are people to say it's music for astral projection) I don't like the 2 pauses in your project, you have 3 parts in your song that are good but you should try too mix them with a software ! I will download this one cause even if i got criticism i think it's a good track !
response from artist Thank you for your comment and download. Kind regards
2015-10-05 02:39:09
Komputer - Ghost Riders In The Sky
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This sounds well but it doesn't really lift off...instrumentalisation is good but the song is a bit should find a strong melody or a "chorus". I think you got a good base to make Something great but you didn't worked long enough yet on this piece ! Tell me if you enhance this track !
response from artist It is true that sound only have 3 working daysmore later I will try to improve the version 2...
2015-10-03 23:46:56
Komputer - Industrial Revolution
(no ratings)
dude you are good remaking jm jarre tracks ! I would like to hear something original by you ! I'm curious !
response from artist Production 100% original will need all the synthesizers and some harware for one production clean.And for one, good original music 100% original u have to be inspired in a story for music has magic, life and meaning.Cheers.
2015-09-30 01:06:27
Komputer - Chronologie-Archange
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I see we have a Jean Michel Jarre Fan here ! :-) Very good track there...Have the magic Inside...I know the original, very well tracked ! I'm french too but you guess this ! :-)
response from artist Merci par le review Je étais déjà, à la recherche le production et le mix parfait pour ce projet musical Chronologie-Archange je peux dire qui est comment atteindre complète un morceau difficile de puzzles.Mais, j\'effectuez ce projets musicale que je voulais plus d\'effectuer.Merci Mon pote french.
2015-09-29 16:23:39
Cepheid Variable - Night Streets (deep remix)
(no ratings)
Very creative ! I like it but the kick/drumbass is too loud in my opinion. Not your best one but still nice. Need more work ! (i'm not very good with my art but i think this can be improved a bit !)
2015-09-28 23:43:17
Pee Oui - Drinks On The House
(no ratings)
Lol...You use a massive "progressive" effect in your track...and it's a crasy track... I guess you had a lot of fun making this one... Have this small organ bass of the 90's which is a delight in this track ! I had fun listening to !
2015-09-28 19:53:50
EatMe - EatMe - 1 4 pi
(no ratings)
Amazing music, sad but dreamy and romantic ! Really have this feeling of a real piano processed the right way ! Make me think to this artist : George Winston (if my memory is right) What are these few massive chords ??? clusters ??? Excellent track !!! :-D
response from artist Hi! \r\n\r\nThe piano comes from a VST plugin on the computer by Acoustica called Pianissimo. It\'s amazing. \r\n\r\nGeorge Winston also plays piano, so your memory may have been right. \r\n\r\nThe few massive chords may be Maj7 with the 7th before the tonical note in the chord (B C E G / C in bass); I think that is what you refer to as these \"massive chords\"..\r\n\r\nThanks for reviewing this! Stay tuned!
2015-09-28 19:48:46
Z~BRA - The Atlas Effect
(no ratings)
Sounds clean but this string/whistle (only in the beggining) is destroying the plan in my headphones... Beautiful melodies are making beautiful music ! I love your plucked sounds ! I wish you peace, joy and happyness along the way my friend cause i know are someone nice :-)
response from artist Thanks my friend.\r\nYa sometimes the sounds are a bit off, but I do the best with what I have to work with.\r\nIts free lol cheers mate.
2015-09-28 19:39:29
Z~BRA - Brian Eno - An Ending ( Ascent ) ( Michael Dow Trance Remix )
(no ratings)
response from artist Your very welcome.\r\n\r\nEnjoy
2015-09-12 21:15:43