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Vector Futon - Strange Places
(no ratings)
This track is strange indeed, but it brings me fun...Interesting art there ! Really crasy track. I think you had a good moment making this tune alive ! Bravo ! I will download it, I see that you give a download link...
2015-08-28 17:53:47
Noxious of AZ - Noxious of AZ - Mr. McChoppington
(no ratings)
THIS is insane ! ^_^
2015-08-22 00:56:34
Pee Oui - Lady Gaga In Space 2015 -Volume 4-
(no ratings)
Dude your mix is cool but who are the artist of the song you mention ??? Great music there !
response from artist Hi PPB, it\'s my new album not a remix. I own the series \"Lady Gaga In Space 2015\", this is the 4th insallment. If you would like to grab all recordings, send me a private message and I will give you the link. Have a great weekend! Pee Wee
2015-08-22 00:48:39
Fennecus Stowers - Sunlost Paradise (Beach Mix) (Radio Edit) (Outro Edit)
(no ratings)
You are better than ever ! Sounds very good, maybe just leave more space in your instruments events playing at the same time (especially in the beggining of the track) ..I don't leave rate since a while but i think people could rate you high. I give you a sincere "like" !
response from artist Thanks man. I don\'t mind if you leave w/o rates. Cause, it\'s not important to me. Enjoy is better than rates. And yes, I\'ll take note of it. I\'ve got other things to to at the moment. Cheers..
2015-08-20 19:20:20
Z~BRA - Onward Mission (Instrumental Theme)
(no ratings)
Another beautiful piano melody/instrument by you :-) Very weird saxophone ! But it seems to work. The vowell pad is nice too ! Dude this song is just beautiful...It makes me imagine a field of wheat shining like gold and happy people around it.... Ye, i'm a weirdo ^_^ Excellent track ! There is just the transition before 4 minutes around that is not really working for me even if what fallow is good.
response from artist Thank you my friend and no your not a weirdo just happier then most people and that is a good thing. lol\r\nThanks again for the nice comment.\r\n your friend Synthworx \r\ncheers.
2015-08-20 18:10:24
m7onks - m7onks - guarded Pt. III
(no ratings)
I don't like the beggining of the song so much...but in the second part it becomes more active and then i like it more ! Make me think a bit to dubstep music ! Maybe you should extend your track and also make your beat more phat ! I never leave rates so this doesn't mean your track is bad.
response from artist Thank you for your review, I will consider your suggestions.\r\n
2015-08-20 16:47:23
Z~BRA - Lost Within A Broken Body
(no ratings)
i will download this one ! :-D
response from artist Thanks enjoy my friend its free
2015-08-19 21:30:10
Z~BRA - Lost Within A Broken Body
(no ratings)
Where did you found these vocals ? Mastering is not so good but your project is globally :-) I notice you like piano...these kind of tracks are the most beautiful in my tastes ! I wish you success dude :-)
response from artist Thank you my friend I enjoy the piano use to play it all the time years ago until my problems started, but thanks for the nice comment and review.\r\nCheers.
2015-08-19 21:29:22
Z~BRA - The Union Of Two Worlds
(no ratings)
Sounds good. I'm listening your track with my headphone and i got and huge sub bass in it... I Wonder how it plays with my speakers ! I love the melody, the piano is nice but sometimes i think it's not sitting well on the mix. Your mix have a good load of various instruments and events but i prefer the "brother air etc.." track. Have a nice day !
response from artist Thanks my friend for the review, yes like I said it is not one of my better tracks, but they can\'t all sound good i gather LOL\r\n\r\nCheers mate and thanks again for the comment.
2015-08-19 21:20:27
Z~BRA - Winner Takes All The Cash (Greed Mix)
(no ratings)
Strong percussions, it makes the job ! I love the piano in this one.... This song is nice but maybe the mastering/global production sounds a bit dry/harsch in some parts. Really make me think to an Eurodance track ! Your track have many differents parts and that's good. Your piano before 5:30 is really good ! Dude you are a good artist ! :-D The bass "verse" starting at 6:30 is dope !!! It's my favorite part of the song...(since 6:30) Well done dude ! I will download it ! :-D
response from artist Thank you my friend for the kind review.\r\nI didn\'t master this one to well just was not feeling right at the time I guess.\r\nCheers
2015-08-15 17:57:39