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Illusion by Rob Baradlai
(no ratings)
very strange pic you uploaded ! this track is nice but i remember that i liked more other track you made...this track need to be more solid in my opinion....i'm not sure this piece is really achieved...need more work !!!
reviewed on: 2014-04-23 08:53:59

Paranoid Schizoid by Churpenstein
(no ratings)
you well progressed with your is a psychotic record for sure ^^...i like the way the music progress...dawn it's really crasy ! i feel not comfortable listening to it cause it's a very disturbing song...the end cutted brutally !!
reviewed on: 2014-04-23 05:35:59

Heaven Bound Video by ISSOWN
(no ratings)
not bad but this kind of lead and bell is scorched and destroy everything...(i'm listening with my headphone) not a bad compo but you need a better mastering...for the video i don't wanna comment as i'm not christian.
reviewed on: 2014-04-19 00:02:39

Naked Girls Drunk at the Beach by Chris Wauben
(no ratings)
lol ! not the kind of music i use to listen but at least this is fun ! very repeatitive but this take sense as there are breaks and the girl vocal...I don't know what happened but the music cutted before the end...
reviewed on: 2014-04-18 23:55:51

(response from artist) I\'m More of a rocker dude, but for fun I write funny dance songs too. I might make a rock version. This song is for an upcoming movie project I am working called \"Naked Girls Drunk at the Beach\" its a comedy about nudist. Like the lyrics of the song its more about being silly and not sexual.

(no ratings)
good musical progression...instruments are not so bad....but the song is a bit repeatitve ..need more work and more variations !
reviewed on: 2014-04-17 20:54:38

(response from artist) THANKS ,

Spaceman by UFO Lights
(no ratings)
sounds like the psytrance people use to listen in 2014...kick and bass are excellent and the other instruments are just crazy ^^...i don't see something flawed in this tranck and it's really good ! psycore for sure !
reviewed on: 2014-04-17 20:49:50

(response from artist) Thanks man, it means alot, id say the NI Massive sounds really did it for me in this one, plus i love those movie samples, thanks!

enjoy the silence(2010 electro remix) by LMD
(no ratings)
not fan of this genre of music but it's well done...have a neutral melodic style...good but can be enhanced perhaps.
reviewed on: 2014-04-16 15:59:16

(response from artist) Thanks Raphael.I left it as it was made in 2010

Midnight Day Dream (Original) by DJ Transaction
(no ratings)
i'm listening with headphones...i have clearer listen now...the mélodies are cool but your instruments are a bit beating too loud...maybe changing the bass a bit ? Sorry to annoy you i'm just trying to help a bit if i can... i'm just a sick man.
reviewed on: 2014-04-07 05:44:44

Midnight Day Dream (Original) by DJ Transaction
(no ratings)
good logic of sequencial music...sounds good on my laptop...not bad dude but you can still enhance it !!!
reviewed on: 2014-04-07 01:27:30

(response from artist) <(`~`)>

Fractal Roots by Earth Nova
(no ratings)
i think "dark" factor is always a state of mind and format for pystrance...i used to go on a site were they had a dozen of subgenre for psytrance... : Browse By Style Full-On · Darkpsy · Progressive · Downtempo · Goa · Twilight · Morning · Forest · Techno · Psycore · Techtrance · Zenonesque · Glitch · Experimental · Deep Trance · Hi-tech · Psy Dub · Suomi · Ambient · IDM (site : ) it's not advertising if i can permit but just a site you should try to listen and compare psytrance music... have a nice day !
reviewed on: 2014-04-02 15:08:26

(response from artist) yeh theres really not to much driffrence in some, but yeh i know ektoplazm, i dwnload alot of good psy from there and alot from free internet labels

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