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Sonaris - Destiny (Original Mix) by Sonaris
(no ratings)
Nice and tight beat in the intro...progression with a snare is cool but a bit too long...good job with the lead and plucked have a melody ! the arp is not your best instrument in my opinion...globally this is a nice song...i think i would have downloaded it if a free download...need an outro i don't like the way it stop !!! with minors changes you have something really nice there ! kind of juicy melodic groove i love !!! x)
reviewed on: 2014-08-01 18:07:04

(response from artist) Thanks man!

Purple Horse IN-D Sky by Particle-X
(no ratings)
everybody get a vibe in his's what you'll do of it that makes the music.
reviewed on: 2014-07-28 16:23:21

(response from artist) You are right! Keep them coming.

Purple Horse IN-D Sky by Particle-X
(no ratings)
strange intro but it works ! you are approaching the concept i always told you to reach with your stuff, but sorry to be so egoist maybe i shouldn't do this but it's easy to give 10/10 and a fruitless review...still a bit ambient and sophesticate...around 3:00 great rise of melody like astral projection ! Excellent dude but you should keep on develloping this riff instead going "off" well i give criticism to you but i know i won't review some people cause they are not serious with their art...
reviewed on: 2014-07-27 16:42:39

(response from artist) sorry i had a review on my own song but waned to react on yours.

Hubschrauber by Particle-X
(no ratings)
i love this bell ! dude this one is really combine athmosphere with a strong beat and more active phases than before...but i can recognise your style anyway ! What means ? Hubschrauber ? is it a netherland word ? i don't have a translator for netherland language...i noticed than a lot a people in netherland are skilled into making electronic music ! your style is not commercial but it's dawn good !!!
reviewed on: 2014-07-21 10:32:44

(response from artist) Thanks man for your great review. Allways glad to hear your critics on my tracks. Hope to improve myself each time not allways with succes. Hubschraiber is a german word and it means helicopter. I thought it southed the track. My style is indeed maybe not commercial but it is satisfying to me and thats the main reason why i make music. Not to reach the crowd but just to feel good.

Woodies Sound Of The City Part 3 by TheFiel Most Wanted
(no ratings)
reviewed on: 2014-07-17 22:51:35

Woodies Sound Of The City Part 3 by TheFiel Most Wanted
(no ratings)
message me in the site, or to this email :
reviewed on: 2014-07-17 22:51:17

Woodies Sound Of The City Part 3 by TheFiel Most Wanted
(no ratings)
loving the pad...bells are very dry and got a real good flavor there ! make me think to dreams in space...did you remixed " WOODY" ? is that ? i love your music ! i would have downloaded it if it was a free download !!! There is just some parts i percept a bit too chaotic !
reviewed on: 2014-07-16 17:17:00

(response from artist) thanks for your comment, I can give you a link where you can listen my mixes.

Eoliveira - Luxury (Original Mix) by Hot Shit! (Eoliveira)
(no ratings)
hello dude, long time indeed ! Deep and powerfull kick...the first pause in the song doesn't please's not "logical" belong me...but your track sounds good !! your track have some dubsted elements...i even think than the song is dubstep more than electro house ... Not the kind of music i use to hear but i recognise this sounds nice and usual with you i would say the only problem i hear in your stuff is these pause you make and that i don't enjoy at all... have a nice time dude !
reviewed on: 2014-07-16 08:27:27

(response from artist) Thank you so much man for your words , i will check this about the pause on the break. you give me one idea i will try to make some dubstep for this one :)

Creasy Submarine by The Sky Bird
(no ratings)
sounds acid ! dark and scary vibes there...i like this electronica progressive moves...your music makes me think to Juno reactor a bit ! i like it ! maybe you could choose "Electronica" genre for it..and people always think that experimental music means bullshit...oops you launched a nuclear missile as an outro...this is the crazy submarine yeah ! ^^
reviewed on: 2014-07-03 00:03:41

Faded Remixed by Annihilator
(no ratings)
a bit empty...i like when the vocals come...track is repeatitive...not bad...have an idea behind the mix !
reviewed on: 2014-07-02 03:44:25

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