Song Review Date Posted
Bdeezy d - hell surfing
(no ratings)
ye a bit evil...Not bad but maybe these pause aren't a very good idea.
2016-05-06 08:28:12
SRJ - Taken In
(no ratings)
Not my cup of tea but it's well done. A real musical presence there. Are your vocal an unique performance for this track ? Anyway you do the music :-)
2016-04-29 01:43:25
DJV - Ambient1 - DJV
(no ratings)
I like your you piano ! Beautiful track. You should have introduced the small rythmics before.
2016-04-28 15:59:22
brightangel - Love love & love
(no ratings)
You didn't changed the option to "free download", i don't see the " D/L " icon. Nobody can download your song for the moment. Have a good week end !
response from artist Oh, ok, i´m going to do it.\r\nThanks you too
2016-04-23 14:36:54
brightangel - Love love & love
(no ratings)
This track is really good, I like it, your best performance on this site ! If it was free download I would have took it ! Talent there !
response from artist Oh my friend. I´m so grateful for your words. My day will be better. Thanks for listen. You can download it . All of them are free
2016-04-23 13:21:59
brightangel - Eternal love
(no ratings)
Nice track, good elements, you should try to process/patch vocals better. I think volume level of vocals is too high and like I said it needs more stuff/plugs on it. About the lyrics I'm sorry, english is not my main language so I can't understand them. I think you should be helped by a professional producer and you would have excellent stuff ! Anyway don't let down and try to learn with the internet, you'll be surprised how much tutorials, pdf books, dj advices etc.... you'll find if you search a bit....I think you could become a very good artist with time...The problem with recording a song professionaly is price....If you don't have a lot of money I suggest learned the producer job (even if not being pro with a diplom etc...) on the net ! Don't give up BrightAngel !
response from artist Thanks for your words. What do you think about: \" Love love & love\"? Say something please. Yes, that´s true, i can´t afford a studio etc. I use my Mac to reccorder. That´s what i do. Eternal love has no rating but in this moment has about 1000 listeners. They like it. I´ll try to do much better next time. Have a nice day and Thaaaaaaannnnnks
2016-04-21 22:56:30
(no ratings)
Nice but too short in my opinion.
response from artist is a demo for full get on beatport
2016-04-16 15:44:01
Beat Assist - Batuke
(no ratings)
You still have the same style/technics but this sounds better than the last time I heard a track by you...Very progressive ! Your hooks are made with an ambient/dub house design...This never changed since I know your music a bit. You can go forward with that kind of stuff...I don't leave rate since a moment but this is a good track...make me think a bit to some "Joey Beltram" tracks...Between techno and house music....You are from the old school man.
response from artist Hi ppb..long time no see..thanks for the review man..Regards.
2016-04-14 20:16:45
Particle-X - IN-D Sky
(no ratings)
Yes the track is not yet perfect but I'm sure you can make it a solid record of quality with a bit of work. I don't want to give you wrong advices so I just let you do it ! :D Peace !
2016-04-13 22:04:36
Particle-X - IN-D Sky
(no ratings)
Your stuff is still so lush man, something big too ! Chasing for UFO ? ^^ Massive energy there. Maybe you could enhance a bit the vocal sample use. I like your song !
response from artist Thanks PPB good to hear you like the sound. Indeed i can use some enhancement on the vocal parts. There are allways things to improve and i\'m stille working on that. I think it\'s allways a challenge to get a track smooth and pick the right vocal samples for the track. Thanks for your words.
2016-04-13 21:27:47