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Z~BRA - The Ocean Side
(no ratings)
have many genres influences...can't choose one and your track is a bit experimental too ! Maybe you should have tryed a less agressive style for this one and it would be's only how i'm imagining it from my side... I loved the flutes !
2015-07-30 01:49:00
DjTheFiel - After Hour Nuclair War
(no ratings)
thanks i didn't saw well ! (took it)
2015-07-30 00:37:47
Brighter Than a Thousand Suns - Reach Out to Me
(no ratings)
i don't listen this kind of music but you are doing it well ! Well produced too. Talent there ! :-)
2015-07-29 11:33:14
Z~BRA - Brothers Of The Air Raid Cannon
(no ratings)
beautiful piano melody in the intro...really magic...this vowel pad is really great too ! dude this track is just excellent !!!! i can feel the magic inside...more than experimental....something genius ! there is just maybe some small things with the song structure to improve your project...anyway this is yet excellent and must admit that i wasn't except to listen something so good at the moment i click on the song name, i was gone for a review and i'm happy to listen this track ! i'm happy you offer a free download for this track ! i will use it ! excellent ! with a bit more work this could become a plastic record ! (at least i mean i would buy such music..)
response from artist Thank you for the comment mate.\r\nI enjoy putting different sounds into my work and playing with it until something happens.\r\nCheers
2015-07-29 03:57:19
trancebynature - Cigarettes & Lollipops
(no ratings)
great intro ! i always loved crazy arps ! dawn this project is really acid !!! i love your track i will download it !!!
2015-07-29 03:40:10
DjTheFiel - The Music Felt So Good
(no ratings)
nice percs ! so this is a collab ? everybody wants to be the dj today ^_^ not a bad project but i think there is clipping in your record !
2015-07-29 03:25:50
DjTheFiel - Whats Uppppp Orginal Version
(no ratings)
dude you could have normalize the level of the track ! This one is my favorite among all your tracks ! Really love the groove ! Will download and like :D
response from artist Its my first track, its a dark feeling that can make you happy
2015-07-29 03:15:41
DjTheFiel - After Hour Nuclair War
(no ratings)
(i would have download if it was free)
response from artist Its downloadable
2015-07-29 03:13:39
DjTheFiel - After Hour Nuclair War
(no ratings)
this one is dark too ! a kind of evil gospel ? ^^
2015-07-29 03:13:02
DjTheFiel - Whats Up Power Of Darkness
(no ratings)
really dark :-) Techno genre really fits this track...this track is giving me a feeling of fear :-o i think you reached your goal with this one ! i never leave rate but i will give you a "like" and download this one !
2015-07-29 03:06:07