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Ville N - Airports (Original Mix)
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cool chip ! the track is cool but I think you could make it with more variations ! sometimes it becomes a bit repeatitive...well it's techno so maybe I'm wrong. Have a good time !
2016-07-30 19:52:36
EatMe - ██▄█▄██ ██ ██\██ - EatMe - Winning Music - Music for the Annoying Game
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I recognise the small background melody from meow. :-) This track is cool but I prefer a bit the "Meow" original track. What are you speaking of about "the annoying game" ???
2016-07-14 00:35:32
EatMe - EatMe - Het is Feest (piano improvisation)
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You are a genius :D I wish you a lot of success with all your stuff. I don't like all your work but you have some excellent tracks...One of my favorite is "Meow". Cheers !!!!! :D
response from artist Thanks Blue, maybe this works as well.
2016-07-13 20:19:33
EatMe - EatMe - Het is Feest (piano improvisation)
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This is a good piece, should be classified classical or new age ? Very beautiful, I wouldn't have though you could do this man ! Something for the mind and soul. Excellent !!! I will download this !!!
response from artist I have the genre set to \"Classical\", so yes, this can be classified as classical. This is a piano improvisation, and I would not have thought I could do it this way because I was really improvising. Blessings & Love, share the music please.
2016-07-13 20:17:12
(no ratings)
I like your mix, I was surfing on the net and I pressed the button play on this song before...I was just floating in trance... Your are doing something nice with this stuff !
2016-07-09 11:37:12
Syntheticsax - Taste of freedom (radio edit)
(no ratings)
magic melody and good production but it's a bit repeatitive. As usual your sax is marvelous :-)
response from artist Thank you
2016-07-06 17:44:33
Pee Wee - The Killer Kicker (SYNTHWORX) -Pee Wee's Version-
(no ratings)
Lol this is crazy dude ! I have the feeling listening to the radio...with a special dj mix session :-) A very special mix there...You are good as a dj Pee Wee !
2016-07-05 09:43:28
Synthworx - Tonight
(no ratings)
Your track begins like psytrance :D A bit making me chilling out in some parts. Good beats, need more bass instruments. Great melodics loops...Globally I like this stuff dide ! Not fabulous but enjoyable :-) There's a magic in your track but something is too neutral in my opinion. Have fun ! :D
response from artist Thank you for the review yes I could have done more with this track.\r\nAll the best cheers
2016-07-04 01:12:17
Dj Drunken Master.SA - New Beginnings
(no ratings)
I love these percussions man ! You have a good rythmic ability...The piano loop is a bit too simple and need more delay in my opinion. The wind instrument need more amplitude too...It seems you have good beats but your melodies aren't as good. You should try to make a song with only melodies with many differents instruments too train yourself. Your track doesn't make me think to house music...I wouldn't know how to classify it. Have fun man ! I don't want to say you something like : "you must be a champion" we have all differents inspirations, aspiration, goals with what we are making in life... Peace :- )
response from artist Thanks a lot ill keep that in mind..... Check keep a look out for Calling From House Nations my second track of the Album.
2016-07-04 01:06:03
roughcopies - slavyanka
(no ratings)
First time I listen stuff from Kazaksthan on IDJ. Peaceful music, enigmatic also. I like it, this track is nice, make me feel at rest. I'm amazed how the birds record fits well with the track. There's a bog with the graphic wave, it doesn't match with the song..I told the admin about this bog..
2016-07-02 14:36:18