Song Review Date Posted
ZXX - Drop This MF
2016-01-16 15:47:20
Boris New-N - Delta Goodrem - Believe Again (New-N Remix)
Fantastic remix...
2015-12-05 12:37:03
EatMe - EatMe - Don't Stop My Love
Nice job, love this one!
response from artist That\'s splendid, thanks Boss!
2015-12-04 14:07:10
Math Owen - U Have Mana?
nice one...! great beats.
2015-11-10 02:32:19
- Voyageur
Nice work here... thanks for sharing.
response from artist Merci...
2015-11-06 04:40:38
- Fantômes Riders
Excellent song. Love the chord progression and the intro, instantly draws you in. I can imagine a lead line developing over this foundation.
response from artist Thanks Michael the Izotope,Room Wor ks and Ssl Buss Compressor it helps me alot in sound quality and the final mastering i use a magic touch-Reverb and ReverbT3 of Traktor alive, or with a touch more melodic angélique give more emotion...Merci and cheers for reviews.
2015-10-04 12:40:45
Z~BRA - I Think In Numbers
Beautiful song. Downloaded and loaded into my phone.
response from artist Thank you Michael for the kind review.\r\nI enjoy making these little beats just for the fun of it.\r\n\r\nCheers mate.
2015-09-17 01:27:41
DJ Transaction - Da Shit(trance house)Original Mix - Megan Trainer vocals
Pretty good track here. Love the bouncy feel.
2015-09-13 20:43:21
bio4ema - We're not gonna make it
This is an excellent track... thanks for sharing. Only wish that this were longer, I like the unique elements you've included here. Looking forward to more.
response from artist thanks, man!\r\nfor everything!\r\n\r\ni\'ll make an extended edit for you, gimme a couple of weeks ; )
2015-09-03 16:37:58
#doSantos - NICE TIMES ft. Bob Marley (demo version)
Wonderful track.. thanks for sharing.
response from artist thank you very much:)
2015-08-06 00:07:45