Song Review Date Posted
SRJ - Taken In
That sound is stunning... beautiful track.
response from artist Thanks, Michael - glad you enjoyed it!:)
2016-04-26 14:40:48
FreshOtis - Alaska Reid ft Fresh Otis - Amaizing Grey
Great flow in this one. Love the transition period in the middle.
response from artist yeah me too love the break
2016-04-24 06:37:45
Dj Baassbooster - Its Busy Time
I like it better than the original.
response from artist THX MATE
2016-04-16 21:21:56
Churpenstein - Vol. 4
Good upload! Good to hear your tracks again.
2016-04-16 03:02:07
Polymorph - habitual line stepper - line one
Great track.
response from artist thank man! :)
2016-04-16 03:00:55
EatMe - EatMe - Like This
Agreed... this is a beautiful song.
response from artist :) Thanks boss!
2016-04-12 23:02:20
C. Vice - Kanye West - Wolves (C. Vice Remix)
Great remix... nice one.
2016-04-07 22:04:16
GHOST DOG (A.K.A. DJ C@S) - G-glitch It Out (ft. The Beastie Boys)
Pretty wild track... like the samples.
response from artist Thanks Michael...there\'s an instrumental version that I\'ve uploaded elsewhere, in which the music is slightly better, though obviously lacking the attraction of having The Beastie Boys on it.
2016-04-07 22:03:29
Monoteo - Monotheist (Godayah Is The Lord Of All Things / Splendid City Tweak : Final Monoteo Release)
Love this track!! Great groove and spacey vibe... would love to hear more.
response from artist Great. The Monoteo releases are on Spotify, and new releases will probably be as Saint Ixahe. Peace!
2016-03-23 03:06:54
Z~BRA - On The D Floor
Nice one.. love the NRG! It would be cool if you have time to record yourself on your computer making a song from scratch. I'd promote the sh*t out of it.
response from artist Not a bad idea I may do a video tutorial a record in real time as I am making a track.\r\nThanks for the great idea and review Michael cheers mate.
2016-03-17 22:59:19