Song Review Date Posted
Alien Syndrome - Good Drugs
Still love this track.
2015-01-05 21:14:03
Bloodealer - Furtive
Wonderful track... sort of deep & mnml at once.
2015-01-04 22:38:30
In Secret - Sugar Baby
Love the beats in this one... great build and FX!
2015-01-04 17:04:09
Prox - Sta the night
(no ratings)
This isn't ambient. Please change the genre for this song.
2014-11-27 16:46:27
EatMe - EatMe - Roll Together [dnb]
Wow.. you waited a really long time to bring in those percs!
response from artist I wanted this tune to be very atmospheric and I could not stop nodding and bobbing my head and dancing to the part with beats. So I decided to bring the beats in late, to first keep the warm atmospheric mood in the front without beats and later let the beats accompany the atmosphere. Thank you very much for your detailed star ratings. InternetDJ massive.. Have a good one!
2014-11-18 03:23:44
Elevated Command - E-ruption - Space Kees
Very cool blips and beats... love the groove. please keep working on it, looking forward to hearing what you do with the peaks.
2014-11-09 19:32:47
Math Owen - Ellie Goulding-Burn(Math Owen Remix)
Holy crap this is an awesome remix.
response from artist Thanks
2014-10-13 23:31:04
Sonaris - Madz - Move (Sonaris Remix)
This is a cool track! Full 10s to the other bossman.
response from artist Thanks man! Something just for fun, nothing too crazy. Just wait till you hear the new remix I am doing for Nikola Putnik (Stylebreaker/Lemarque). People thought Sunscape ( was good, but this, this will be next level!
2014-10-04 16:30:46
Strife - A Window In Time
Love the sound FX on this one... another well produced track!
response from artist Thanks for the review Michael :)
2014-09-22 13:05:47
Antifone - daue
Very "ORB-ish"... love it.
2014-09-17 20:37:13
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