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Woop Wuo! (Original mix) by HuYnH
Nice song. Did you use an afrojack sample because it sounds like you did('turn up the bass' & the 1:31 high pitched synth.Do you know what I mean by 'straight fade-in'? You could have used a pulsing static sound to drop in and then slowly take out the low frequencies. If your not following me then just tell me. But solid overall song. Bright future. Teddy Lorcan
reviewed on: 2010-11-05 07:01:44

(response from artist) no afrojack samples :b well as you see, the samples are from vengeance that are recommended by many big artistes as afrojack.. but yes these tracks are just demonstrations and training for the future.. but well suggestions i like that =D 'turn up the bass' are from vengeance vocal essentials.. Lucky Date and I recommend that pack =D you know lucky date right? or you could look him up at youtube.. he's a big artist as Afrojack :b

Housey by Qousey
I enjoy this song. maybe a intro or warm down song. Mos def not peak time. I would prefer an instrumental version, instead of just 'Fat Boy Slim-ing' it, with just a 1 second vocal on loop the whole song. But I didn't mind that actually. I also like the change up in percussion in the middle around 3:45 area. Great song
reviewed on: 2010-11-05 05:32:33

(response from artist) thx for the feedback

Merger by Qousey
8 mins! Should be 6 mins max. The song runs on that bit too long and without the use of many (audible) vocals, it needs some dark and brooding synth to pick it up. I really wanted to hear 'Game Over Man,' then a massive drop or something. You could do a second edit, or remix youre own song.
reviewed on: 2010-11-05 05:24:05

Zelma - Summer Of Love (DJ DD Vision Vocal Mix) by DJ DD
When I was listening to this, it reminded me of some old-school Daft Punk. You might have needed a bit more chord progression (I hope I used the term in the right context), maybe a variation on the guitar sounding instrument. Great mastering though.__________________________(Remember, 5 is average)
reviewed on: 2010-11-05 04:21:15

(response from artist) Repetitive ? ... for me, its hypnotic. Thanks, anyway (:

zoot woman - we won't break ( ryan van blanken remix ) by ryan van blanken
This is a good overall song. As I said before, the beat goes quite well with the vocals. I would love to see an edit where the guitar stays through to the main bit, but here it just stops. Good alround song though
reviewed on: 2010-11-05 04:09:11

Daft Punk - Derezzed (TRON: LEGACY) by SRT10COUPE
The only reason I gave it 8.5 and not 10 is because I didn't hear the whole song and I really wanted to. Damn it!
reviewed on: 2010-11-04 04:10:55

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