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World Time by Dj Zollas
A really cool prog track here. The intro sets things up nicely, and it flows from there. The way you strip everything back at 2:15 really works, and then you build it up again with precision. It happens again at 3:15, and at 3:45, that moment would be great in a backroom club. It may go on for a bit long, but that's because I'm sitting in my chair, not grooving. Well done mate. A tune right here.
reviewed on: 2011-09-27 00:20:16

(response from artist) thx bro

No More Darkness by Souhail Semlali
This is really cool trance track. It feels so mysterious, not uplifting at all (that's not a bad thing). Oh, hang on. At about 3:50, that is uplifting. Sorry for jumping to conclusions. This is a monster trance track. It like the piano in there. Adds extra depth. Really face paced trance track. Only bad thing-no download. Solid.
reviewed on: 2011-09-17 19:20:51

(response from artist) Thanks man glad you like it !

Up For Collab by Toonz
This is good electro. I haven't heeard some decent electro house for a while. 0-15 is good. It builds the atmosphere. The build up to 1.33 is epic. I love the 2 synth lines at 1.04. They work great together. The drop is actually really good. This song is solid mate. The ending is abrupt, but I can understand that. Unforetunately, I can't work with you, because we wouldn't be able to share files and whatnot. Go to the forum and ask someone there if they want to. Better chance of finding someone.
reviewed on: 2011-09-17 19:12:37

(response from artist) Hey thanks for the input :) I have posted in the forum and I've found somebody to work with :) ... but we'll see what happens. Thanks for stopping by

pay your bills slow by Deepethics
This intro is really weird. But the vocals remind me of that real classic song Transition. This has a Detroit or Chicago feel about it. I'm really loving this. The master on the the kick needs some work, as it keeps on peaking. The progression of the main synth lines adds a feeling of freshness throughout the track. Overall, a very solid track, one that reminds me of 1987 - the height of Chicago - so thank you. Downloading it.
reviewed on: 2011-09-17 18:43:26

Games by Churpenstein
This is great. It's like got the feeling of uplifting trance with the structure of a DnB track. The vocals bounce between my ears and makes my listening more involved instead of it just being in the background. Amazing.
reviewed on: 2011-09-11 23:26:10

(response from artist) Thanks Teddy!!! Ya I'm a lil obssessed with ping pong verb these days lol I love the outcome. Thanks for checking it out glad you liked it :)

Innocence (Original Electro/House Mix 2011) by Temperfest
This is a lotlike you other original mix. I think that now that you have come to terms with making music, I think you should bring up the tempo to between 120 (for more funkier stuff) and 131 (for harder stuff - techno), but otherwise, try to get about 128 for a solid base. I would recommendt getting a decent Midi-keyboard, as they are real easy to use and make making music with chords a lot more easier. Try to work with more pads - they are kinda like textures or ambient noises, but they help the track flow and are more structured. But this song is quite alright. Keep improving and you'll get heaps better.
reviewed on: 2011-09-08 03:02:01

Shake It Up (Original Mix) Temperfest by Temperfest
(no ratings)
Is this your first original production. If so, it's very nice for one. The quick kick-clap combo makes the song feel faster than it actually is. The leads are a bit weak, but that can be fixed very easily. It like the synth at 3:01. That rocks. A little bit weak, but overall, a very nice effort for a first song. If you can, try not to rush releases. Take your time, and ideas will come to you over the course of maybe even a few days. Good song mate. You got potential
reviewed on: 2011-08-29 05:23:43

(response from artist) Thanks for the review TL! Yes, it is my first original production in the house/electro genre. Other than this, I've made some tracks before but that fell into completely different categories consisting of merely piano, strings and sometimes vocals. I try not to rush releases, but then again its quite tempting. Im learning to apply patience to my work, and I hope to submit a re-make of this track (improved!) very soon. Thanks again TL, always appreciate the review!

the walkers by radio jesus
This is a part melancholy, part chiiling song. I like the melodies you get with your voice and how they are in contrast with all the low frequency synths. And the IDM style beat, not just a four-to-the-floor beat, works really well, better than I would have thought. It's unfortunate about the distortion, but hey, shit happens. Sounds like it was influenced by 'rock', and I like that. Maybe electronica isn't the right genre. Solid song mate. I hope this gets in the top 10.
reviewed on: 2011-08-26 02:58:35

House Of The Acid by Protosense
Nice htrowback mate. To the good ol' days. I don't listen much to acid, but I thought I'd drop by to give my verdict on it. Clever, not just nice, sounds going around in my ears. The pan effect would have been nice in the builds to creat a trippier effect. I like around 3:58. A new sound to make me stay interested during an 8 minute track. Liking the vocal sample. Fits in well. Would have been dumb if you put 'dubstep' or something else. Overall, crafty song. Groovin' to this mate. Solid.
reviewed on: 2011-08-25 03:56:40

(response from artist) Tkx Ted...glad you like it..i apreciated your support...thanks again and Stay In!

ENOPIA by mythos
(no ratings)
Hey mate. Good to see you back here after all these years. The first 34 seconds are really great. The rising lead, the atmospheric sounds and textures. At 0:35 though, I thought that drop would be more surging and mving forward, since it is trance and the leadup you gave it gave me the inpression this was going to be a surging track. Nether-the-less, the lead throughout has some subtle changes which I really enjoyed, and it shows you didn't loop the whole thing. Well, I hope you didn't anyways. ;). The percussion really suits the track, with soft tamborines and hihats dancing from ear to ear.
reviewed on: 2011-08-15 23:33:18

(response from artist) Teddy, great to have a comment from you. Yes I hope you feel the uplifting structure.

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