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Infinity energi Original Mix by Dj Essency
Track track. Genuinely enjoyed this start to finish.
reviewed on: 2012-12-20 16:33:34

(response from artist) Gracias amigo un fuerte abrazo

Resurrection by Particle-X
Really enjoyed the armosphere/vibe of this track. Very solid production.
reviewed on: 2012-12-20 16:23:27

Space Cadet by Insatiable
The EQ could be a bit tighter, but overall I really enjoyed this electro composition. Nice work.
reviewed on: 2012-12-20 16:20:27

EatMe & Spaan - Juice by EatMe
Structurally and melodically this track is fantastic, but it definitely needs EQ work. The percussion is really muddy and doesn't "pop" out at me at all. The melody should be stereo widened and/or panned a bit more. The bass should have some sub rolled off. Overall, it's a good effort but needs some work before it can truly shine.
reviewed on: 2012-12-20 16:07:47

(response from artist) No offense, but this is bad, really bad. EQ eh? So if I put an EQ on it will it sound great? Thanks, I will also put on a Tracking Device. The wole tension of the track is not to have too much \"popping\" out. I have tried stereo widening on the melody. That sounds bad, very unnatural to the saxophone sound. Panning the saxophone makes me feel like I\'m in the 1964\'s again with the vocals on one side and the guitar on the other when listening to the track on headphones. The bass has a lot of lower bass and sub \"rolled of\" and \"hamburgerised\". The subbass is at the moment in my opinion \"just that thing\" that gives this track the right tension. Overall, it seems like you are leaving some very flaming reviews in a row, whilst your current track is using deadmau5\'s name that doesn\'t come close to a real piano sound. Welcome to internetDJ, I guess. Did you give a 6? U mad bro?

Make You Love Me (Original Mix) by Gerald The Genius
Yessir, this is a great electro banger. I love that you're pushing the limit with these hard-ass beats and dirty basslines, it's a good look for you man! The dirtier the better. Keep doing your thing man!
reviewed on: 2012-12-20 04:54:54

(response from artist) Gracius good sir!! Got mad new joints waitin in the wings about to pop off real soon here. Thanks for the stars homie!\r\n

Ultimus by Gerald The Genius
This sound is so thug, I had to put on my Timerlands and camo hoodie just to listen to it.
reviewed on: 2012-12-14 01:11:19

(response from artist) You know i specialize in musical thuggery! Haha thanks for the stars big homie.

POTO- (An Insatiable Halloween Anthem) by Insatiable
(no ratings)
I'm feeling' it.
reviewed on: 2012-11-06 17:13:17

Boyan - Move Me by Boy@n
Cool track, nice video. Loved the "homemade" feel of this.
reviewed on: 2012-02-06 23:05:33

Rusko - Hold on (Sub Focus Remix) VS All I do is win (Nastee Mashup) by Nastee Nate
(no ratings)
This is great. It's not "perfect" but I often prefer a bit more raw, unrefined DnB sound. I don't like cookie cutter fitting vocals. Sometimes "seeing the work" on a track is nice, remembering that someone made this, not mass produced in a big studio. Something about homemade DnB is appealing to me, keeps it underground sounding. I think the mash up is done well, and I like how the vox fit in there, great DJ/party track. Nice work.
reviewed on: 2012-01-03 16:46:06

Illuminate by Nastee Nate
This is some ballin' shit man. Love the crispness of your sounds. Crazy bass, really digging that. Great use of fx. Nice variations throughout the track, keep it interesting. Really enjoyed this, dude. SOLID work. Are you releasing this with a a label? If not, definitely drop me a line.
reviewed on: 2012-01-03 16:15:20

(response from artist) thanks sonaris i appreciate the kind words. a few labels have contacted me about it, just ironing out the details. ill definitely be in touch if it doesnt pan out tho. thanks for listening dude

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