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EatMe - EatMe - Just For Fun
Gotta agree with marc here, a nice voice would really add something good here. Very relaxing track! more ambient trance than synthpop i think but really no problem what the style is, the sound is great!
response from artist Vocals for 12 minutes aren\'t my kind of thing to make myself, I\'d have to seek collaborative effort for it. Sing(st)er(s) requests are welcome.
2013-10-18 13:53:51
EatMe - EatMe - 2013 - remix contest winner on
Oh, the remix is from your track :P I'm in for sure... especially this track! I love it! I hope i can add something groovy to this piece
response from artist Yes, you can remix this track! Good to hear you will join the remix competition. Thank you for the rating.
2013-01-15 20:49:37
EatMe - EatMe - Got It For You [house]
(no ratings)
Ik dacht, nu k toch op je profile zit, gelijk effe wat anders checken van je. Dikke sound weer. Ik heb je duidelijk niety genoeg gevolgd laatste tijd (druks). Nette track hier. Ben alleen geen fan van die harde snaredrum, maar das een smaakkwestie. x
response from artist Bedankt voor het checken tijger! Laat weten als je zelf weer iets hebt geupload. Xje
2012-12-29 22:12:20
EatMe - EatMe - 2013 - remix contest winner on
(no ratings)
Gozert, mooie track... ZOals ik al zei, het deed me erg denken aan een intro van Tiesto's ISOS 6. (Es Vedra - La Hacienda) Echt dikke sound... Het klopt gewoon wat je hier gemaakt heb. Enige commentaar zit hem voor mij in je ontbrekende extra melody. happy new year!
response from artist Dankjewel voor je review, ik zal eens kijken wat ik nog aan deze track ga doen. Happy new year!
2012-12-29 22:09:17
EatMe - EatMe & Femke Japing - Eau [ambient pop]
(no ratings)
Klinkt lekker man! Wel overduidelijk Nederlandse zangeres... Ik erger me altijd aan Nederlandse stemmen die Engels zingen... klinkt gewoon niet qua uitspraak... wel mooie stem daarentegen... Opbouyw van je nummer is lekker... ik luister tegenwoordig veel lounge en chillout en daar past dit nummer zeker weten bij! Heel relaxing. Goed nummer man... ik zal eens kijken of ik vandaag of morgen wat tijd heb om je voorgaande muziek eens te beluisteren... heb al heel lang niks meer gedaan hier op iDJ. Gr. Robin
response from artist Ja Robin doe eens wat op iDJ!
2011-10-26 18:41:31
SRT10COUPE - TiŽsto vs. Diplo ft. Busta Rhymes - C'mon (Catch 'Em By Surprise)
(no ratings)
i don't get it... why the sudden lame ending with the ugly b*tch shooting sperm out of her hands to kill a snake?
2011-02-09 17:38:38
Hot Shit! (Eoliveira) - Feeling Alive
Hey captain Eo, grats on the top place. 0.00 till 1.30 was a lot of the same... kinda bothering intro for my taste... Nice sidechaining. Watch out with it on non-kick parts... cuz all you actually want to sidechain it from is the kick right? Anyways, beats are kinda standard... dunno how this actually made it to the top... I guess it's just being popular haha. The bass is pretty basic like the drums and the melody... Especially the melodies... i am talking about one melody actualy since that's all there is. Kinda boring ending too man... you could had expended that part a bit more... One thing i do like is the use of FX in the start. further in the track i didn't really noticed FX anymore... dunno if that is a good or bad thing though... What this track might just need is some good Vocal! Because most tracks that are instrumental pretty repetative, are usually with vocals to keep it interesting. You might wanna take a look into that man. Mastering sounds fine to me, but the track is just too boring. sorry man.
response from artist hey robin .. hi bro .. dont worry .. thank you for the listening and for the opinion.. always in the world a people like or dont like a track .. u know it....i dont mind ratings just opinions and get listenings and downloads .. just that.. keep up bro !!
2010-11-11 17:01:46
David Argunetta - 7:00 a.m the day again
(no ratings)
hmm, dubstep ey? it's not really my cup of tea... but i'll like it in in the technical way! good job!
response from artist Thank you Robin
2010-11-09 14:44:31
SRT10COUPE - Deadmau5 at MTV VMA' s 2010
(no ratings)
Deadmau5 is overhyped.
2010-11-08 17:19:13
Robert Janzen - Yes It Is!
haha, starts like some discotune :P Nice filtering ;) I dig that bass! Truly a funky houser! kinda repetative on the way, but nice anyways man! Cool stuff! Dunno why this is French, but i like it ;) after the break it kinda bothers me that there's this really shgarp overall sound for a while that didn't do anything good to the climax it actually is... You've done some great things with the filters n stuff, but the progression and structure aren't my cup of tea man, sorry about that ^^ nice job though!!
response from artist Thanks for the input! Structure is the hardest part me for me, I'll keep working on it. I still want to add some vocals, I think that would help make it less repetitive.
2010-10-17 12:26:10