Song Review Date Posted
Particle-X - IN-A Split Second
hey man..i like it but i believe you should try to clean up a bit the "mud" among instruments so that some sounds may pop up in the "mainscreen" instead of being left behind and not so easy to hear. use high and low shelf filter for this...they are very handy : )
2015-01-21 16:20:04
Particle-X - Fragmented Mind
great track my friend...keep them commin! : D
response from artist Hey thanks for stopping by and review the track. Appreciate it.
2015-01-08 17:31:51
D.J. In Secret - Sugar Baby
nice track.....
2015-01-08 17:26:14
DJ Ostenvegr - ALL ABOARD !!!
the track needs a better mix mastering and a proper final mastering imo....nice melodies : )
2015-01-08 17:19:41
Technorebellion - Full Moon (2015 Remaster)
nice track...simple but nice : ) .. i liked it : )
response from artist Thank you so much :)
2015-01-08 16:59:15
Syntheticsax - David Guetta - Shot Me Down (Syntheticsax Mash-up)
(no ratings)
Hey, i believe some long sax notes during the "smashing", pushing to electro would be cool :) anyway : )
2014-04-21 17:30:32
Fennecus Stowers - Alex Ferro - Life (Stowers Remix)
(no ratings)
well, i like the whole build, but imo the track needs a lot more space and compression..the bass is too strong, this causes a lot of mud on the most full parts... although a great build... this track with a better mixing and a good mastering would rock 10/10 for me ; )
2014-04-21 17:24:49
Fennecus Stowers - 8Bit Me (Radio Edit)
(no ratings)
i like a lot of your build, i do not like the Nexus synth sound..they seem too far away from the track... its the problem of Nexus for me..if its not Nexus its something near eheheh... anyway good job :)
response from artist Which part of the nexus synth? And thanks for the review. More upcoming soon!
2014-03-26 07:48:39
The Synth Lords - Funkstepper
Humm, i like it.. sounds dynamic, needs more EQ at the initial part, but kinda remembers me a mixture of synth-pop with trance without the voices! turns a bit repetitive after 5:00" .. i believe 7:00" its too long.. well very dancy.. nice job :)
response from artist Thanks for the review, always love hearing constructive criticism and your review helps alot! thanks again!
2014-03-26 07:43:17
G The G - Automatic
It´s a beauty G. Genious work ;) ..Stay In!
response from artist Thanks D!
2014-02-15 22:03:11