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Song: Sonaris - Destiny (Original Mix) by Sonaris
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on Jul 26, 2014 Particle-X had this to say:
Song: Stazer (Original Mix) by G The G
on Jul 24, 2014 Churpenstein had this to say: Ya I love me some dnb!!! Showing your great versatility across the genres once again ;). Love the slow intro. Oh and there it is that bass drops. Great melody work as always...pretty tight for sure. Loving that drop at the 430. Loving this tune...I'll forgive the abrupt ending...uncontrollable circumstances...and the rest of the track was huge :) More G magic as always.
Song: Aeternum by ForeCast
on Jul 23, 2014 karlosrafael.lanaopena_fb had this to say:
Song: Shade & Koolaid by G The G
on Jul 22, 2014 -insatiable- had this to say: Is that a string in the intro? or a windy bottle? haha its unique for sure, would like to hear a little reverb on it though. The lead is really cool, diggin the melody of it lots of portamento makin to slide easy into my ear holes... heavy kick with an infectious groove, lovin the rhodes(esq) pad givin me that jazzy feelin in my fingas. solid work on the vocal/shout edits too homie I digg it.
Song: Ample Audio by Insatiable
on Jul 22, 2014 michael had this to say: Please keep uploading.. your music is outstanding.
(response from artist) Thanks Michael, Iv stepped away from producing for a bit but am really gettin into it again. Ill put up more as I get it done.
Song: Let Me Spin (Original Mix) by Cooker
on Jul 22, 2014 GtheG had this to say: Dude! I am so sorry it took me so long to finally review your track. Been serious busy. Me oh MY! The song is LOVELY! That bass sits very strangely in the mix. It kinda confuses me. Its like a mixing jedi mind trick. Really dig how it gets straight to the action! The distortion on that bass coole. The deep on key bass kick is propa heavy. Not really digin the poppy pluck lead. Kinda sounds like Martin Garix's 'Animals'. The first chrous/bridge is top notch. Alll in all the track is well done. Especially for someone who doesnt make as much music as you use too. Drop some more tunes why dontcha!? Cheers.
Song: Hubschrauber by Particle-X
on Jul 22, 2014 hendrik.hubert_fb had this to say: Great to hear from you again. And two tracks this week. Extrordinary. Picked this one because its my favourite of the two. Greatprogression and nice pushing beats. Love the atmospheres! Another wicked tune. More work in the near future?
(response from artist) Hey there. Thanks for your comments. There is a new track on its way: Purple Horses IN-D Sky.
Song: Mesmerize/Dreams by Alert
on Jul 22, 2014 GtheG had this to say: Alert!? Who is this guy? I wonder. Lets find out........HOT TITS!!! That bassline is serious! Vocals are prime and mix with the melody well. Cool how you dropped the octave on the original vocal. I like the lead potency of the breakdown melody. It does not run well with the heavy bassline. Im sure you noticed that as you kept them apart initially. Those House chords/Detroit house chords dont match well at all with the heavy bassline at all. The big heavy analogue bass is detuned to the point it sounds off key with the rest of the melody. Thats the ONLY bad thing about the jam. The other mono bassline matched MUCH better with the track. Everything else is high classy house luxury. That big detuned bass just comes through and throws it off. At any rate, lovely lead melody and high end synth chords. Well done.
Song: #cabinfever by Churpenstein
on Jul 22, 2014 GtheG had this to say: Ooohhh shiiiii. Churpify made a electro house track!? Pigs must be flying! I thought the day would never come. Or atleast when you did make a bass heavy electro jam I didnt think it was going to be like this! The breakdown is AMAZING! There are a few notes that are a couple cents off here and there but other than that i love it. Ofcourse you have your classic square lead in there running a muck as usual. Chaning on the base are prettty damn cool. Really like you tweaked the legato on your square lead down the home stretch. You know I love this track! Been waiting for this one for a while. Bigup!
(response from artist) Thanks for the rave reviews Mr. G Man!!! Amazing how you can pick up all my modulations by ear ;). I delve into the electro every once and a while. Glad you loving this one :)
Song: Eoliveira - Luxury (Original Mix) by Hot Shit! (Eoliveira)
on Jul 22, 2014 GtheG had this to say: Banger! You are a complextro BEAST. Do ya thang playa!!!

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