Song: The Highpriestess by Particle-X
On Jan 30, 2015 Hendrik Hubert had this to say: I'm impressed. Progressive goa trance with a chillout theme. Well produced dosed and layered. Great tune again. You keep improving your work.
Song: The Highpriestess by Particle-X
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On Jan 29, 2015 Particle-X had this to say: New track, progressive goa trance track with a laidback vibe. Enjoy!
Song: Sunny Mood (Music - Dance, House, Trance) by Avalley
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On Jan 29, 2015 EatMe had this to say: This is music for a really wrong supermarket. From one synthesizer. From a professional stance of view I would recommend you to mix the kick drum as loudest in future projects. Slow filter progressions also do good in progressive house. Also, filtering and equalizing seperate tracks with sound that have or do not need any bass, need the right low mid present tension, need a less sharp or sharper high mid or high, and the right gaining, maybe fading per track can be done. Keep up!
Song: Vicetone - No Way Out ft. Kat Nestel by Michael2
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On Jan 29, 2015 EatMe had this to say: Clipping pianoes, totally mixed away in this loudness war mash.. Ok, ok, so it has all that building elements at full extremes, but I really miss the tension in this track. Couldn't get any louder.
Song: EatMe - Aerotrain by EatMe
On Jan 28, 2015 Alex Al Onions had this to say: great track !!!
(response from artist) Thank you very much!
Song: Chicks by FreshOtis
On Jan 26, 2015 Michael had this to say: Love the beats & FX in this one... terrific track.
Song: Zemblanity by Razbaque Dirge
On Jan 26, 2015 Paula Reilly had this to say: Atmospheric and dreamy, reminds me of planetary dreamscapes.
Song: Special - Make me dance (Original Mix) by Victor Special
On Jan 25, 2015 Victor Special had this to say: Enjoy ! )
Song: IN-A Split Second by Particle-X
On Jan 21, 2015 DuarteV had this to say: hey man..i like it but i believe you should try to clean up a bit the "mud" among instruments so that some sounds may pop up in the "mainscreen" instead of being left behind and not so easy to hear. use high and low shelf filter for this...they are very handy : )
Song: Im on the Hustle, Im on the Grind by Dj Khali
On Jan 21, 2015 djkhali had this to say: