Song: Rising by Thony Ritz
On Oct 24, 2014 The Sky Bird had this to say:
Song: Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars (Syntheticsax Mash-Up Saxophone edit) by Syntheticsax
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On Oct 24, 2014 DjDaniel Pires had this to say: top top top
Song: Nicolas T - Tranceformation (Victor Special Remix) by Victor Special
On Oct 24, 2014 Victor Special had this to say:
Song: It's Your World by Effin Nev
On Oct 23, 2014 Sonaris had this to say: Really nice intro, I like how it builds up. Like the crispness of the hats, like the bass sound, like the vocal mix. Great structure and transitions. Overall, a solid production - I enjoyed it.
(response from artist) Hey Sonaris :D\r\n\r\nThanks for the kind review, glad you liked it!
Song: Mycophobia by Particle-X
On Oct 21, 2014 Biswajit Sarkar had this to say: WWW.DJBISWAJIT.IN
Song: Cydief Pharaoh (Zacc Nash Edit) by Zacc Nash
On Oct 20, 2014 Nev-Gardiner had this to say: Oooooo i liked this from the first beat :D Creativity - loved the diversity on this track - especially on the hook, keeps it fresh throughout. Structure - Maybe could have come in a bit gentler and built up from there. The outro was a bit sudden and could use refining in my opinion. Bass - There isn't really much that goes on bass wise in big room house so can't really award you 10 starts for originality or anything. Melody/Hook - Awesome. That is all. Percussion - all in proportion Mastering - Not bad, but think I think the mixdown could be improved upon. Technical ability - you can do more things than what I can, that's for sure :)
(response from artist) Thanks :DD
Song: daue by Antifone
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On Oct 20, 2014 Nev-Gardiner had this to say: Not sure this track can be called Deep House ... maybe Ambient or Chillout? Nice n twinkly though :D
Song: Madz - Move (Sonaris Remix) by Sonaris
On Oct 20, 2014 Nev-Gardiner had this to say: Booooooooom... straight fire! I wish I could produce like this. Curious which vst's you used for the sliding hooks? Awesome track dude :)
(response from artist) Thanks for the support! All it takes to \"produce like this\" is practice, lots and lots of practice and failure. You\'ll get there, and it\'s much easier now than it ever was before.\r\n\r\nThat said, I used 3xOsc, a native FLS plugin, which I love to use for a lot of my basslines. That and fx and automation, of course.
Song: Kidz by Alton Squad
On Oct 20, 2014 Nev-Gardiner had this to say: I agree with the guy that posted below. When the track drops it's awesome.. I feel the live drum thing detracts from the overall balance of things. Otherwise this would be a 10.
Song: Geth Who - I Didn't Write These Chords (I Just Like Them) by GethWho
On Oct 20, 2014 Nev-Gardiner had this to say: I'm curious - did you really NOT write these chords? lol I like the drums n stuff - nice and light. There's too much emphasis on trying to get kicks as loud as possible nowadays. Personally, I would have side-chained the saw synth that comes in at 1:00. But other than that, a really nice track you have here :)