Song: Archangel by Particle-X
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On Nov 20, 2014 Raphaël had this to say: excellent intro ! blow the mind just after it...interesting track but same things to say for all your tracks and you have it written in my previous reviews...composition and ideas are very good but you need another "enginering" deal...try it a bit more hard and punchy and you would have something really great ! peace !
Song: Day & Night by Particle-X
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On Nov 20, 2014 Raphaël had this to say: good beat n bass, very athmospheric like 90% of your stuff...track is good but for the style n genre you have there but it need a bit more punchy instruments...look like you have something that is psychedelic but produced with ambient trance instruments need more basic instruments and a more "screaming" need more naughty hard touch for this one ! have a nice day, i wish you to have success with your music !!! :)
Song: Take whats mine by Particle-X
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On Nov 20, 2014 Raphaël had this to say: hey dude ! we both didn't changed our style ^^ i can't listen loud enough cause it's night when i write this to you...excellent pads, not sure the vocals you used are really good for this track...need a feeling more "singed"...overall this is not so bad but you should work it again ! still have a confuse feeling sometime and i think you made some better tracks before this one...need more work...that's all, and that's what i should say to everybody perhaps...peace dude...i leave no rate as usual but i think my review make you gain points for the charts...have a nice time dude !!!
Song: PPB - Deck 169 by Raphaël
On Nov 20, 2014 Particle-X had this to say: Good to see you back again havent seen you around some time. Nice laidback 80's bassline. Like the pads. Do i hear some vanguard sounds? Maybe the intro a bit too long for what it brings but it has a nice flow. 2.45 break good arp. maybe a bit of a bridge towards the beat would be nice. All in all a cool production nice laidback sound. reminds me a bit of the 90's. Cool man.
(response from artist) Thanks for the review dude since the \"new\" internetdj i became a noone there...yes i think there is some vanguard used but i don\'t think i have the source (editor) file for this track...well at least you like it so i\'m happy...about the 90\'s you are right...90\'s are my generation in was 18 old in 1996 !!! thanks again dude !
Song: Day & Night by Particle-X
On Nov 20, 2014 Hendrik Hubert had this to say: Once again, i think i'm your biggest fan, wicked track. Very smooth and hypnotic pads. Like the atmosphere change in the middle. Light and chill versus heavy and dark. Goa to the max. Hope u got some new tracks in progress.
(response from artist) Thanks, you allways respond to my music so you are maybe my biggest fan. thansk for that appreciate it.
Song: Mega Hit by DJ TD
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On Nov 20, 2014 Tahlyson TD had this to say:
Song: So Wonderful - Hard Beat (Uplifting Mix) by So Wonderful
On Nov 20, 2014 sowonderful had this to say: Dope EDM Banger
Song: Hard Beat (Uplifting Mix) by So Wonderful
On Nov 20, 2014 sowonderful had this to say: Real EDM Banger..
Song: EatMe - Roll Together [dnb] by EatMe
On Nov 17, 2014 Michael had this to say: Wow.. you waited a really long time to bring in those percs!
(response from artist) I wanted this tune to be very atmospheric and I could not stop nodding and bobbing my head and dancing to the part with beats. So I decided to bring the beats in late, to first keep the warm atmospheric mood in the front without beats and later let the beats accompany the atmosphere. Thank you very much for your detailed star ratings. InternetDJ massive.. Have a good one!
Song: Some Hard Night Music by Churpenstein
On Nov 17, 2014 ThunderBeats77 had this to say: Nice one!
(response from artist) Thanks for checking it out :)