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Song: enjoy the silence(2010 electro remix) by LMD
(no ratings)
on Apr 16, 2014 ppb had this to say: not fan of this genre of music but it's well done...have a neutral melodic style...good but can be enhanced perhaps.
(response from artist) Thanks Raphael.I left it as it was made in 2010
Song: Time2Play by Michel Westerhoff
on Apr 13, 2014 henk.westerhoff.1_fb had this to say: Great!
Song: Want More by Churpenstein
on Apr 11, 2014 GtheG had this to say: Drums are greatness!! Kick is nice and phat. Melody is cool as expected. Vocals...meh. The vocals sound odd to me personally as they sound a bit too hollow but the flang/phase on them does go along well with some of the granular synth sounds flyin around in the track. Also the vocals are a bit loud when they are hard panned/out of phase. 3:00 break is well done! I could really just jam out to the melody and that phat kick the whole time. The only thing thats really throwin me off is how hollow the vocals sound. Sounds like they were sung into one of those cans with the string that comes out the bottom kids use to talk through in a tree house lol. Tuff Stuff.
(response from artist) Ya i agree the vocals need a lot of work and I wasn\'t even crazy about them to being with! I uploaded an instrumental version using only a few vox samples in there. I like the jam a lot more ;) Thanks for the rev as always G! Gotta catch me up on some G Jams!!!
Song: Funkstepper by The Synth Lords
on Apr 10, 2014 GtheG had this to say: Very well thought out melody. Plays through with ease. Not too big a fan of the saw synth after the second and third drop but the breakdown and initial trance'ish/arpy melody is very cool. The song as a whole has great energy. I think it would do a dance floor some justice. Good stuff.
Song: de novo synthesis (trance?) Original by DJ Transaction
(no ratings)
on Apr 10, 2014 GtheG had this to say: Yea im with you on this one. Not really sure on where to put this one. Has a left-field/industrial feel to it. Dig the change of pace at 1:20. Didnt see that coming. It sounds like a tune from Adventure Time after that lol. And I love that show so thats a good thing. Oh and you got another change up!! Nice the third piece is very simple but effective. You should work on your transitions. Some automated synths along side those transition fx could help out alot. Some crescendos/decrescendos could do you some good. You dont have to have the sound a full volume all the way through. Silence is a great addition to any track if used properly. Also filters can help alot in transitions, rather it is a hp or lp. Filters are your friends and true friends are always willing to help you move. In general the jam is pretty damn cool!! Really dig that second piece. Sounds really uplifting to me. Cheers!
Song: Sonaris - April's Fool by Sonaris
on Apr 7, 2014 GtheG had this to say: Awwwww shit, lets GO! Pops off with some massive breaks!! 45 lead/bass come in oudda no wheres kool-aid man style!!. Im gonna download this and audiosurf the shit out of right now.
(response from artist) Haha, thanks man. I am not really happy with the percussion on this track right now, so I might rework it down the road. Glad you enjoyed it. Really wanted to put together a melodic, liquid dnb style track with a progressive feel, which I think I accomplished. Thanks for the support.
Song: The Sound From Outer Space by Andrew McHogan
(no ratings)
on Apr 7, 2014 GtheG had this to say: Nice tune!! The leads play through well. Kinda like the leads are talking to each other. And the conversation sounds fun!
Song: cReactor(electronica) Original by DJ Transaction
(no ratings)
on Apr 7, 2014 GtheG had this to say: Yahaha you see steam engines in the second part? Idk why thats hilarious to me but it is. I personally dig this track because it reminds me of DDR(dance dance revolution). I use to get down on that shit! This track has that simplicity of a DDR tune and also has a uplifting/playful vibe to it. Kinda like a tune I'd hear on a kid's tv show. Alot of clipping in this one too. You godda watch those bass harmonics man. I like how the kick and bass are kinda downtempo but the kick and bass are on the same beat so they will fuck each other over if you don't give them enough frequency range to do work. You should look into getting a frequency analyzer. It could help alot with the distortion and show you what needs to be done to improve clarity in your sub harmonics and your overall sound. Cheers!!
(response from artist) This is one of the songs I worked on tree years ago. I dug it up and reworked it. I don\'t think I can do more because when I open up this fl8 file in fl10, everything looks messed up and its hard to work with.
Song: Midnight Day Dream (Original) by DJ Transaction
(no ratings)
on Apr 7, 2014 GtheG had this to say: Yea got some serious clipping goin on brody. Might wan't to keep that in mind for the next goround. I can barely hear the clap! Sounds like there is alot of overlapping frequencies. The bassline is also on the downbeat so it will interfere with the kick badly if you are not careful. Try and use a multiband eq and cut out some of the unnecessary stuff on the kick and bass. That should free up alot of space. I usually cut anything below 20. Ay, the melody is rock solid. Especially down the stretch when the you start to layer'em up. A smoother introduction of some of those leads couple also help in the track's progression. Idk if it's just me but it sounds like there is some transitions issues too. Like at 1:44 and 1:53? Idk how that lil skip got in there but you definitely gots ta fix that man lol. The build at 2:13 is nice. Even at the build there is also another skip right before it drops. Maybe something went wrong with the chain or maybe even the rendering? Through and through it's a solid melody over a standard issue beat. Why did you put in so many fx risers/downlifters on the transitions? Maybe thats a trance thing? I know this sounds kinda harsh but im just tryna help ya out man and I really do like the melodies. Keep at it!!
(response from artist) yea gotta fix a few things in here. Clipping is good though? The clubs love it when i blow their speakers then i dont gets paid LOL\r\n
Song: Midnight Day Dream (Original) by DJ Transaction
(no ratings)
on Apr 7, 2014 ppb had this to say: i'm listening with headphones...i have clearer listen now...the mélodies are cool but your instruments are a bit beating too loud...maybe changing the bass a bit ? Sorry to annoy you i'm just trying to help a bit if i can... i'm just a sick man.

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