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Song: EatMe - Whoosh [trap] by EatMe
on Jul 30, 2014 michael had this to say: Love it!!!
(response from artist) Thank you very much of a lot for the 10 stars!
Song: Ample Audio by Insatiable
on Jul 30, 2014 GtheG had this to say: New Insatiable? Fuckin right! Aight diggin the extended intro. Lol I know exactly where those basses come from. This complextro bass algorithm is energetic and flows seemlessly as it should. This is kinda like minimal complextro. The changes are subtle and the breakdown is not crazy comprehensive but all the measures are effective in their assigned grooves. I can indeed tell a hiphop enthusiast made this because it sounds like you got a main groove going and built everything else around that as one would do with a hiphop beat. I can see you rockin to that panning filtered arp/synth and going, "hot tits, I gots do drop some bass on this bitch here". Ya see... I know you are good because I get the feeling you were not trying too hard on this track and its still damn good. Especially good know that you are not big on prog. Keepem comin!
Song: Purple Horse IN-D Sky by Particle-X
on Jul 30, 2014 Cooker had this to say: Hey kick is very tight , nice arps and leads also low sub pad is good , like all mention astral influences for sure , good project you have here, i enjoyed it :)
(response from artist) Thanks Cooker for your review. Good to hear you enjoyed this one.
Song: Logic Gate(trance) Original by DJ Transaction
on Jul 29, 2014 Particle-X had this to say: Nice intro, i can hear this ocean you where trying to use i think. Starts indeed off as a slow moving ambient track. Still it keeps this atmosphere during the track i think. Maybe around 2:10 i hear the delays interefer a bit with the other sounds. Like the high synths afte rthat. Melodies are good. Bassdrum could be a bit fermer in my view. But cool production.
(response from artist) yo thank you for the review. im replaying at work. My computer is Fked up and i lost all my music files/midi/samples/etc. I cant work on my incomplete tracks any more. DAmmit.... waaa this song is going to be the way it is.
Song: Withdrawal by Churpenstein
on Jul 29, 2014 Particle-X had this to say: Nice pictur you got with this track. Like the weirdy synths you throw at the listener. Different your style. You keepit interesting. vocal sample is nice. Good beats. Maybe you could have swtched a bit to other synthsounds during the track but is overall a cool and very different appraoch then i used to hear from you. Great one.
Song: Easy to Love (instrumental in dub Minor) by DJ TripVanwinkle
on Jul 29, 2014 Particle-X had this to say: Long time i heard a new track from you. So i give it a listen. Nice intro atmospheric. Great beats. The breaks keep up a nice part in your track. Like the choir sounds around 00:55. Nice give it extra depth. Its a trancy ride i got from it. excellent work again.
(response from artist) hey thanks PX!!! -for Listening, and the review :))
Song: Let Me Spin (Original Mix) by Cooker
on Jul 29, 2014 Particle-X had this to say: Nice intro. Like that vibe. Subtle and inviting. Track gets off. Clubsound. 1:20 nice break. Like the way you introduce the synth lead and then let it go off again. Builds tension and works good towards the next part. Well produced track. Variety and good clubvibe.
(response from artist) Thanks for the support and review :)
Song: Eoliveira - Luxury (Original Mix) by Hot Shit! (Eoliveira)
on Jul 29, 2014 Particle-X had this to say: Crystal clear intro. Nice work on the piano. Like th vocals. Nice clean production. Great vibe too. Heavent got any criticism found to give this track. everything fits in so well and everything is smooth productionwise. Great track, good to hear you still got it.
Song: Careless by Auditory Type
on Jul 29, 2014 Particle-X had this to say: Intro nice and smooth. Bassdrum is kinda in the back but maybe you intended that. Pads work smoothly, subtle percussion. The track stays subtle and like the atmosphere. Maybe you could use for your break another synth with some nice atmospheric flavours. just to give it a bit of change. Overall nice track deliverd.
Song: Man Down (Extended Mix) by G The G
on Jul 29, 2014 Particle-X had this to say: Hey just came across another new one from you. Nice deep bassdrums and like those streched sounds in teh intro. Nice and slow. 00:33 works well this high funky synth. 1:30 break is nice, good build towards the climax at 2:07 cool!! Is there some dubstep elements in this? It sounds sometimes a bit like that. Overall cool track nice deep and sweepy.
(response from artist) Jeah! Love the review dude. I had too much fun makin this track. Thats probably why its so damn long. I more so jamin out than producing when I made this one. No dubstep elements really just dirty electro. Electro has been around long before dubstep even made it on to the scene so dubstep was really based off of electro with hiphop/downtempo cadences. Thanks for the starz!

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